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Zodiacal Personalities

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Following are some key words, both functional and dysfunction, for imaginary zodiacal personalities. The ‘shadow’ or dysfunctional expression of each sign is in brackets. A brief story follows the key words demonstrating how the signs express in family situations. You are likely to relate to it.

ARIES: Active Andy: active, dynamic, independent, daring, assertive, direct, action orientated, self-motivated, enterprising, pioneering: (selfish, angry, impatient, frustrated, thoughtless, inconsiderate, impulsive, aggressive, bully.)

Images: Racing car driver, warrior, entrepeneur, school bully.

TAURUS: Sensual Sal: resourceful, reliable, consistent, generous, magnetic, warm, trusting, self-reliant, secure, self-sustaining, stable, self-sufficient: (indulgent, slow, lazy, greedy, possessive, lacking self-worth and self-value, non-trusting, unable to give joy and pleasure to self and others, expects others to provide.)

Images: Builder, stock broker, a fertile and beautiful garden, abundance.

GEMINI Curious Charlie: clever, communicator, versatile, curious, adaptable, witty, mindful, intellectual, sales: (scattered, hysterical, cunning, sly, unwilling to listen, nervous, restless, schizoid.)

Images: Student, salesman, writer, trickster, networker, court jester.

CANCER: Caring Colleen: motherly, nurturing, supportive, safe, tender, protector of family, home loving: (needy, emotional, nagging, dependent, clingy, timid, smothering, over-protective, anxious.)

Images: Mother, caretaker and caregiver, a warm and welcoming home, a family of crabs, giver of emotional nourishment.

LEO: Loyal Lance: A humble, loving, generous and courageous leader, warm-hearted, vital, affectionate, appreciative, creative, loyal, expressive, joyful, able to give self recognition and approval, able to accept and love self unconditionally, child like and spontaneous. (attention seeker, arrogant, overly dramatic, vain, fame seeker, coward, loveless, childish, selfish and disruptive. drama queen, show off.)

Images: King/Queen, actor/actress, spoilt brat, president, prime minister,

VIRGO: Perfect Pauline: Clean, methodical, efficient, orderly, discriminating, practical, approachable, problem solver; (nit-picky, critical, judgmental, limited in concept, non-discriminatory, unable to delegate, collects useless information and things, unable to solve problems)

Images: Social worker, nurse, doctor, healer, servant, cleaner, perfectionist,

LIBRA: Diplomatic David: serene, balanced, fair, co-operative, decisive, tactful, diplomatic, refined, harmonious, peaceful, values justice and fairness: (superficial, indecisive, tactless, compromises own integrity, door mat, addicted to pleasing others, non-committed, co-dependent, shallow, superficial, naïve, inertia.)

Images: Diplomat, negotiator, lawyer, interior decorator, lover of art and beauty, social butterfly.

SCORPIO: Powerful Pania: focused, empowered, penetrating, transformational, investigative, regenerative, determined, persistent, psychic, willingly letting go of old psychology, emotional mastery, passionate, into reearch and solving mysteries. (destructive, secretive, vindictive, jealous, envious, revengeful, betrayal, obsessive, compulsive, underhand, morbid, dangerous, poison, power-hungry, abusive.)

Images: Detective, researcher, metaphysician, psychologist, scorpion who stings its own tail and dies, the underworld, crime, the abyss, dark night of the soul,

SAGITTARIUS: Philosophical Phil: conceptual, expansive, adventurous, honest, carefree, visionary, moral, ethics, wisdom, higher education, open minded, philosophy, spiritual, benevolent, truth seeker: (bigoted, righteous, exaggerate, non-adventurous, religious dogma, prejudice, narrow mind, dogmatic.)

Images: Eternal student, world traveller, philosopher, sage, oracle, teacher.

CAPRICORN: Hardworking Harriet: responsible, able to set personal boundaries, able to structure self and life, grounded, productive, ambitious, professional, authority, patient, disciplined, hardworking, committed, business, management, career, organize: (status seeker, fearful, pessimistic, burdened, restricted, controlling, rigid, aloof, cold, unfeeling, prestige seeking, depression, guilt, limited, issues with time.)

Images: A mountaintop, the boss, high achiever, top executive, headmaster, the pessimist.

AQUARIUS: Inventive Ian: Free, zany, idealistic, humanitarian, curious, telepathic, unique, experimental, progressive, futuristic, genius, higher consciousness, cosmic consciousness, astrology, technology, futuristic sciences, space, the observer. (scattered, erratic, unreliable, rebel, revolutionary, disconnected, unpredictable, disruptive, rebellious, feels abandoned, rejected, separated and unloved.)

Images: The evolutionary scientist; I.T. specialist, astrologer, star-gazer, extra-terristrial star beings, space.

PISCES: Gentle Gina: receptive, gentle, spiritual, mystical, intuitive, imaginative, inspirational, empathy, serene, faith, compassionate, artistic, meditative, meditative dance, poetry, romantic prose, divine union, beautiful music, movies, the sea and lakes. (suffering, self-sabotaging, confused, overwhelmed, mental health issues, illusionary illnesses, despondent, despair, “escape” behaviour such as addictions, co-dependent, lies, lost, victim consciousness, psychic sponge, unable to set personal boundaries.)

Images: The poet, mystic, spiritual artist, dreamer, rescuer, nurse, martry, bird of prey, predator, pharmacist, drug/alcohol addict. Romantic love, mists of illusion, ocean of emotion.

Following is s short story to demonstrate how the zodiacal signs can play out in family life.

Active Andy (Aries) and his wife Hardworking Harriett (Capricorn) had four children, all of whom were as different as chalk and cheese. Active Andy was a doer although he wasn’t much good at finishing the projects he started. He would often impulsively barge into situations without considering others, creating havoc in his wake. Hardworking Harriett was there to ensure his attempts to “win” were structured into a practical form that would achieve results. These two signs challenge each other but can work together when each is encouraged to work at what they do best. This couple were usually busy with their activities and business life so left their children to their own devices.

Their children had challenges. Powerful Pania (Scorpio) had many secrets she wouldn’t share with anyone. She kept her journal locked and hidden. Her siblings knew she wrote her secret ‘stuff’ in it but no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t find it. The journal had a special key that Pania kept in a locked box. She threatened death to all who attempted to interfere with her box. She was often consumed by violent emotions and didn’t understand she had the ability to transform her darkness. She and Loud Lance (Leo) had frequent arguments. Loud Lance always wanted to be the family leader and centre of attention and would stop at nothing to make sure he had an adoring audience. He even created illnesses to make sure he was centre stage. He arrogantly believed he was the greatest creation since sliced bread. Powerful Pania, often insanely jealous of his creations and leadership, would plot revenge and destruction. She was learning life lessons around the use and abuse of power.

These two fixed signs do not get on very well. Both have lots to learn from the other. On the other hand, diplomatic David (Libra) did his best to keep the peace. He hated war, loud noises and violence and watching his siblings create destruction unnerved him. He knew there was always a peaceful win/win solution to everything but these two siblings would not even listen to his peace-making suggestions. They were intent on their self-centred self-destructive games.

Gentle Gina (Pisces) loved spending time alone in her room, listening to soft music. She couldn’t handle the toxic energy that permeated the household especially when Powerful Pania and Loud Lance had altercations. She was so sensitive to the psychic energy emanating from their dark emotions, thoughts and words she chose to escape into an illusionary world of her own. She and Diplomatic David got along quite well although she often couldn’t be talked out of her feelings of overwhelm and confusion. David did his best but she frequently let herself ‘drown’ in her weepy emotions and often took days to emerge from her self-inflicted self-pity. She tried to play “poor me” with David but he would have none of it.

The family next door also had their challenges.

Curious Charlie (Gemini) was a sales rep. He was often away travelling. His mind was restless and he often became bored. However, he enjoyed movement, sales, talking – and talking. He could talk his way out of any threatening or disturbing situation. He was often accused of having a “silver tongue”. What he said might not have been true, but it was very convincing. His wife, Caring Colleen (Cancer), kept the home fires burning. She loved her role as mother, nurturer, carer and child protector. However she tended to “smother” love, not enabling her four children to be independent and self-sufficient.

She clung to them as her source of emotional neediness and felt she was nothing without her family to care for. She didn’t really mind that Curious Charlie was away most of the week as she had her chicks to herself.

One of her chicks, Perfectionist Pauline (Virgo), took on the role of household cleaner. She couldn’t bear disorder so spent a great deal of her time cleaning up after everyone, especially her Mum who made quite a mess in the kitchen. Perfectionist Pauline was critical of her other siblings, and the neighbouring family. She found fault in everything everyone did. Pauline felt she could do all jobs more perfectly and efficiently than anyone else and often wondered why other people seemed so helpless and ineffectual. She was the family problem solver and attended to all the minor details. However, she had no empathy for her snivelling, weepy, confused and ineffectual next-door neighbour, Gentle Gina (Pisces).These two signs oppose each other in the zodiac.

Sensual Sal (Taurus), on the other hand, liked the company of Gentle Gina. Both enjoyed music and a soft romantic ambience. They often played together to create magical and artistic games. Sensual Sal loved food and sometimes gorged herself, to her own detriment. She needed to learn moderation. She loved the beauty of nature and building substance from nature’s bounty.

Philosophical Phil (Sagittarius) was always found with his nose in a book. He didn’t play much with the others. He was intent on his personal quest for understanding. He loved reading about other cultures and adventures to foreign lands. He believed in God but wasn’t willing to be indoctrinated by religion. Instead, he chose to develop his own understanding of the big picture of life. Intuitive, he learned early in life to allow his inner voice to guide his path. He saw beyond the ego games of emotionally charged situations and chose to extract himself from them. This allowed him the freedom to follow his own spiritual quest and educational pursuits.

He and Inventive Ian (Aquarius) often had interesting conversations as their minds worked on advanced subjects. Both needed their freedom and personal space to explore their chosen paths and each respected the others’ needs. Ian was interested in futuristic concepts and technology and Phil enlarged upon his concepts. Inventive Ian had psychological issues to heal. He felt unloved, rejected and abandoned by his parents who were never there emotionally for him. His friends became extremely important because they provided the emotional connection he didn’t experience as a small child. These two young people developed a mutually beneficial friendship.

This simple story can be used as a guide to demonstrate how the signs of the zodiac play out in life situations. Each of us embody the characteristics of all the signs, to differing degrees, and can easily learn to identify their different manifestation and themes. This learning process leads to self-awareness and self-knowledge enabling us to better understand our world and the people around us.

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