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What is Spirituality?

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What is Spirit?

“The human spirit never dies and drives an individual forward into some form of development –mental, emotional, intuitional, social and physical. All forward activity eventually leads to the Path of Evolution and Higher Consciousness. A spiritual person is one who is aware of, and fosters, the fire of eternal Spirit.” (Alice A. Bailey)

And – according to two different dictionaries: Spirit is: –

  1. Intelligent or immaterial part of man, soul. b) Person viewed as having this, especially with reference to particular mental or moral qualities, c) rational or intelligent being not connected with material body, – disembodied soul, incorporeal being – (Concise Oxford Dictionary)
  2. The animating or vital principle in humans and animals – (Webster’s dictionary).


Spirituality is a way of life dedicated to the embodiment of higher consciousness.  It requires developing an internal connection to the fire of eternal Spirit that enables experiences of divine love. The development of this personal connection involves living a life of high moral and ethical codes of thought and behaviour.

Experiencing the higher frequencies of divine love arises from consistent and objective self-examination, the development of positive and uplifting qualities and the identification and alchemizing of dense psychological patterns that no longer serve evolutionary growth. This spiritual growth journey enables greater self-awareness. The ‘gold’ of spiritual unity and divine love emerges from the heart and head centres following the internal alchemical process.

We humans incarnate with many mental veils that obscure the light of higher consciousness. These veils block access to truth, wisdom, divine love and the higher realms of light. The practice and integration of spiritual teachings provides a way to become conscious of the precious knowledge hidden behind these veils.

Spiritual practices involve consciously bringing into the body self-generated higher frequencies of light and love. Developing the light of conscious self-awareness is an integral part of this practice. The spiritual Path of Initiation into higher dimensional states of being requires commitment, dedication, devotion and the willingness to be the best we can to fulfil evolutionary purpose. It involves developing and sharing our unique gifts and talents in service to the wider community. More people are walking this sacred pathway now because material life is no longer fulfilling. They seek a deeper meaning and purpose to life. A spiritual path offers a way “Home” to one’s true self.

The subjects I share are based on this pathway home.  Spirituality is the foundational base. Each subject explores a unique path as:

Astrology = an ancient system of knowledge enabling an individual to “Know Thyself to know God”.  It connects to Hermes Trismegestus’ principle “As Above, so below”. Through applied study you learn who you are, what you stand for and how to establish a positive identity vibration that energizes your goodness and develops inner harmony.

Metaphysics = Seeks causes and meaning.

Esoteric Psychology/Cosmology – Seeks to understand the bigger picture of creation and our human place in it.

Holistic Health & Healing: The understanding that we are not only our physical body. The physical body is the final repository of dis-ease caused by disharmony in one, or all, of the other three bodies – emotional, mental and spiritual. The four bodies can be likened to our elemental nature – earth (physical), water (emotional), air (mental) and spirit (fire).  Each of these four bodies is a unique energy system and optimum health is experienced when all four function harmoniously.

Every cell in our body contains memory. Blocked psychological energy (problematic memories) creates dense cellular mass that leads to illness and disease. The causal memories are mostly unconscious yet reveal themselves through dedicated inner exploration.

The applied study of astrology and metaphysics accelerates inner exploration and leads to integration, healing and optimum health. We have the power within us to heal ourselves. Why not choose to do so?


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