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Transmissions from Celestial Light Beings

Discrimination and Discernment

Sex and Love

It is so important that humans are discriminating and discerning about whom they allow into their psychic space. There is such a collection of all types of energies in the ethers that discrimination is needed. Sometimes some of these energies can attach themselves to your auric field and stick like glue. Then they send vibrations into the body that are not harmonious with the energy contained within the body. Disharmony or dis-ease occurs.

It is the responsibility of all humans to be aware of their own psychic space and to cleanse it daily. Mischievous elements are around looking for lodging places.

Be aware of your feelings. When you feel uplifted, loving and joyful around another, then their energy is acceptable to you. The opposite is true. It is always wise to tune into your feelings and allow them to be your agent of discernment. When others come in love, you will feel it. When they come from ego, you will feel that. Move away from that space and protect your own psychic environment.

Love will always find its own home. The vibration of love will always uplift and inspire, and create joy within. Allow this feeling to guide your daily life. Be aware of your body’s reaction to others – be aware when it is feeling joy, or anxiety. Go the way of joy, as this will bring more joy into your life. Joy uplifts. Love and joy are synchronous.

Joyful abundance is here for all to experience, it just needs discernment on each individual’s part. Always question self. “How am I feeling about this interaction, or this situation?” Act on whatever is your answer.

There is so much love in the world. It is yours for the taking. It only needs awareness of how to access this love. It can only come from within you. Another may shower love on you that may feel wonderful. However, that love comes from outside yourself. There is another universal love that comes from within. This feeling of love comes when you honour, love, respect and cherish your own being and your own body.

The love you cherish on yourself will multiply and grow and this will increase your vibratory rate. When you feel more loving to yourself you will feel more loving to others. This is the way love grows. Love and honour yourself and cherish and respect your being – it is so precious. Listen to your inner voice – listen to your essence. This is the real you, not the shell you put around your heart as a protective mechanism. That shell is called ego. This is the false you.

Open up your hearts to love of your true essence. This love will then magnify and fill you with such joy. This love and joy will then overflow and others can benefit.

Love is the essence that makes the world go round. Love is all there is.

Blessings, Sai

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,

From The Elohim

Mid February 2021 2

The Evolutionary Process

“We, the Elohim, have much information to share. Before we do we ask you to drop into your hearts to feel our messages, rather than read them without feeling.

We are a group consciousness, as are the Record Keepers and the Arcturians, and are a little further along the path than you. We know we are a part of Divine Intelligence-God/Goddess – All That Is, and experience this Great One’s Love and Light as our power source. Soon you will come to realise it is also your power source, the life force fuel that creates and sustains your human existence.

Your souls are connected to the One Source of Power as if by an invisible silver thread. When your body dies, your soul and spirit return to the Source from which they came.

For those people who have experienced a near death, and for those like our scribe who have experienced ecstatic union with the One Source, there is no fear of physical death. Fear of death is a fabrication of the mind, and is completely unreal.

Prior to incarnation into a human body, the soul communicates telepathically with its soul group. This process occurs on a higher dimensional level to that of third-dimensional Earth. Soul lessons, and gifts and talents well learned, are discussed. Soul lessons still be learned will be chosen by group consensus. Appropriate parents are chosen to enable lesson integration, and planetary timing is decided.

When first entering the third dimensional realm of experience your souls remembered previous experiences, and long lives were lived. Not so now. 3D density overcame soul remembrance. A fall into amnesia took place. The Age of Aquarius is the time of full awakening. Continual self-realisations of previously hidden truths are emerging. As you realise personal psychological truth – your soul’s lessons still to be learned – and gifts and talents you can use wisely, you pave the way for the collective human soul to do the same.

So many are on this path now. This accelerated evolutionary process enables those with memories of innovative technology, and of group consciousness experience, to awaken and share. This is how human evolution occurs.

When death fear is eliminated from human thought forms, a huge awakening will occur.

We, the Elohim, are emissaries of the One Source, and are dedicated to serving the Great Work. Our love for all creation drives us. We will come again.”

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace