Through the practice of daily, devoted and focused meditation it is not unusual to receive respectful and loving communication from light beings existing in higher vibrational frequencies (or dimensions) to that of earth. This has been Ashtara’s reality since 1996 when Mary Magdalen first made herself known to her. Learning to be discerning about these energies is a necessary part of the human evolutionary process. The discernment needed only comes through feeling. Ashtara refuses to allow lower dimensional beings to infiltrate her energy field.

Most of her books are based on these transmissions. Ashtara freely shares the messages with those who want to receive them. They contain valuable information, transmitted from a higher vibrational perspective, and are a helpful guide to understanding the meaning and purpose of 3D life.

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The Arcturians’ Messages:

Early July 2020 Transmissions

“In times to come people on Earth will be more respectful of each other. Currently, judgements abound. Opinions become heated and families divide. Where has tolerance gone?

New information is fed to those gullible, and absorbed as truth. Where has discernment gone?

Truth can only be found internally. Everyday falsities are conjured up by distorted minds.
Wake up people! Become aware of how you are being manipulated through mind control.

There are some who believe they can control Nature. Have compassion for them, because the consequences of them doing so will be unpleasant. Nature cannot be controlled and abused.  The Law of Attraction is always operative. What is sown will be reaped. Those perpetuating abuse will experience abuse. Those people perpetuating judgements will experience whatever they judge. Loving thoughts of goodwill will experience accordingly. It is as it is.

We observe with love and compassion. We have not incarnated onto your earth plane so how can we judge? We have not had your experiences. How can you judge if you have not walked in another’s shoes?

The answers to all human problems reside within the human soul. We love you dearly and see where you’re heading. We do our best to inform to enable a mass awakening to truth.

We are the Arcturians.”


“Your world cannot change until enough humans change their thoughts to those of loving kindness. How can it be otherwise?

Isn’t this what Jesus taught two thousand years ago?  His wise teachings became distorted and are now rarely considered. In recent times, the truth of his teachings has been transmitted through channels such as Ashtara. Many books can now be read. The teachings of indigenous people were based on good, on sharing, and on teaching children loving kindness. The first people, the Australian aboriginals, were taught to honour the earth, referring to her as their loving and nurturing mother. These guidelines and teachings enabled peace.

When thoughts of getting, rather than of giving, entered human minds, wars began.

A simple but true overview.

We love you dearly and ask you to seriously consider our words, and to act upon them. It can be easy to focus on giving love. Make it your intention, and follow through on it. Self-generate the love vibration, and give that loving vibration to all with whom you interact; human, animal and plant. Your world will change for the better.

We are the Arcturians and we will come again.”


I recommend two books “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus”, by Claire Heartsong, and “Love without End, Jesus Speaks” by Glenda Green. Both will open your mind and heart to higher perspectives. Discern your truth through feeling as you read. I offer the transmissions to you because I feel their truth, and I also feel the Arcturians concern.  I hope you can feel the love they pour into them, and into you as you read.

May you choose to fill yourself and your life with daily thoughts and feelings of love and light,
Many blessings,

“Writing to say how much I love the Arcturians messages so thank you for being their conduit. I am always very moved by them – often to tears – and I feel my heart expand with every word.

To say ‘they make my day’ would be an understatement.”

Britt Woessner – Orlando,
Florida USA

“This is the most helpful information about the current time that I know. If only the truth could be seen by all. Thanks so much for your transmissions.”

Debbie Goodall

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace