Through the practice of daily, devoted and focused meditation it is not unusual to receive respectful and loving communication from light beings existing in higher vibrational frequencies (or dimensions) to that of earth. This has been Ashtara’s reality since 1996 when Mary Magdalen first made herself known to her. Learning to be discerning about these energies is a necessary part of the human evolutionary process. The discernment needed only comes through feeling. Ashtara refuses to allow lower dimensional beings to infiltrate her energy field.

Most of her books are based on these transmissions. Ashtara freely shares the messages with those who want to receive them. They contain valuable information, transmitted from a higher vibrational perspective, and are a helpful guide to understanding the meaning and purpose of 3D life.

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The Arcturians’ Messages:

Late March 2020 Transmissions.

And it came to pass that, as humans began to wake up to the true understanding of life on planet earth, a great wave of shame engulfed them. Realisation of personal truth can be confronting. The wave of shame can be experienced as excessive heat coursing through the body. Its best to allow the passage, observing and feeling it consume. The process can be likened to a sigh. When the consuming heat wave completes, and it may take five to seven minutes, the soul is free from its former chains. It is an evolutionary process. Many have already experienced it, and many others are yet to do so.

When the chains of shame release through self-realisation of truth, the vacuum left is best filled with loving kindness and gratitude for the truth experience. This will ensure psychological purification.

Your world is changing at an unprecedented rate. For those who choose to wake up, a new world awaits. We, and others of like vibration, guide the process. We cannot and will not interfere in individual choice, and can only assist when asked to do so. We honour and respect your choices, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

In times to come this current era in human history will be known as the great shift from the unconscious to the conscious. From the darkness of ignorance to the light of illumination.

We are the Arcturians and we love and care for you as our children. We will come again.


As humans released old psychological structures opening themselves to infusions of greater light and love, seeming magic took place within their DNA. The old DNA no longer held them captive. Galactic frequencies of light were able to penetrate, enabling greater self-realisations.

Currently, your world is poised on a precipice. It cannot return to the darkness of ignorance. Open up your eyes, and your ears humans – to see and hear truth. Truth will resonate with your hearts and souls. You will feel truth.

There has been so much false propaganda distributed – all fear based – to keep you in chains. Yet, so many are not allowing it to take them over.

Love, truth, beauty and nature are true and real.

Our messages will become more frequent. We have much to share. We, and others of like vibration, work with open and aware humans in all fields of human endeavour. We work ‘behind the scenes’ to guide and support. Faith and trust in us and our work will help you through this current turbulence.


Love and blessings,

“Writing to say how much I love the Arcturians messages so thank you for being their conduit. I am always very moved by them – often to tears – and I feel my heart expand with every word.

To say ‘they make my day’ would be an understatement.”

Britt Woessner – Orlando,
Florida USA

“This is the most helpful information about the current time that I know. If only the truth could be seen by all. Thanks so much for your transmissions.”

Debbie Goodall

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace