Through the practice of daily, devoted and focused meditation it is not unusual to receive respectful and loving communication from light beings existing in higher vibrational frequencies (or dimensions) to that of earth. This has been Ashtara’s reality since 1996 when Mary Magdalen first made herself known to her. Learning to be discerning about these energies is a necessary part of the human evolutionary process. The discernment needed only comes through feeling. Ashtara refuses to allow lower dimensional beings to infiltrate her energy field.

Most of her books are based on these transmissions. Ashtara freely shares the messages with those who want to receive them. They contain valuable information, transmitted from a higher vibrational perspective, and are a helpful guide to understanding the meaning and purpose of 3D life.

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The Arcturians’ Messages:

Early November Transmissions

“In times to come, our transmissions will become accepted because people will feel the truth within them. When the spirit of love is behind the words spoken, the message delivered will be felt.  It is this loving energy the soul recognises rather than the actual words.

Words spoken or written without the feeling of love behind them have little effect.  When love is freely given, the words spoken or written are healing and soothing to the soul.  It is wise to become discerning about the words you hear or read.

Words have the power to heal or to destroy.

The words you think have the power to heal or harm your body. Only you have the power within to choose to think or speak words of love, or words of harm.

We ask you to consider our simple words and to act constructively upon them. It is a simple process to choose love over harm.  By doing so, your life and health will improve.

We are the Arcturians and we love you dearly”.


“The early hours of the morning are the most conducive to receive our messages. The static is less and the human mind is more relaxed and receptive.  Our ‘calling card’ is often an image or a sound. Sometimes it is both. The mind is not only relaxed but also becomes focused on the pattern interrupter.

As many of your wise forefathers have said, the world above is a reflection of the world below – inside of you. You are master magicians, creating worlds by your thoughts. Many humans are waking up to this realisation. Others will follow.  Every thought you think creates an effect. When the words within the thought are love-filled, the effect is loving.

Why choose to create harm?

Emotion follows thought.  As the waves of the ocean can be still and calm, or turbulent and wild, so it is with the human mind.

It takes the desire for peace, and the willingness to develop internal peace through present-moment self-awareness, before peace can be experienced as a constant. You have the power within to observe and monitor your thoughts.  By practicing present-moment self-awareness this state of being can be attained.  Many are making the attainment of this natural state their personal goal.

We ask you to consider our words,

We are the Arcturians and we will come again”


Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace