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September 2019

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And it came to pass that, as humans developed greater self-awareness in present-moment time, their psychic abilities naturally strengthened. Regarded highly by ancient civilizations, these abilities often were life-savers. In times to come they will again become highly valued.

The body, mind and spirit, when unified, can be regarded as a wondrous technological system, far superior to computer technology.  A computer cannot be programmed to feel truth, or any other emotion. It cannot feel love. Love is the frequency that creates and sustains life.

A new Camelot, (Utopia), can only be birthed through love, when humans learn to value loving heart-felt feelings over the intellect.

When the mind becomes a servant to the heart, life prospers and thrives. Mental turmoil need not exist.


Thank you for hearing our call.

Sometimes, when life becomes hectic and the mind is full, we have difficulty in connecting to communicate. We do understand that living life on a third dimensional plane of existence can bring many pressures. Our compassion and admiration for you knows no bounds. Each one of you is a remarkable aspect within the great hologram of existence. You each have your own lives to live, according to your choices. It has always been and will continue to be.

We ask you to consider our words carefully. We give them to aid and benefit your lives.  Time as you know it, will soon become meaningless. There is always plenty of time, as you will soon realise. As thunder rolls and lightning cracks, filling the atmosphere with new ions, so do humans fill the atmosphere with your rolling and cracking. As your internal heat rises, emerging as anger or self-motivation, the atmosphere around you experiences your emotion and responds in kind. You are wonderful creators, often unaware of how you create as you do.

To create peace requires internal peace. To create war and discord requires internal war or discord. As creators of your own reality are you willing to create peace? Unbridled impulsiveness creates accidents. We ask you to become aware of how and what you create.  Once aware, you can make conscious choices to create peace.  Peace takes awareness to maintain.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.


You and others are required to perform high frequency firsts. This requires a still and calm mind. When over-stimulated and anxious we are unable to deliver clear messages. We ask you to realise this.

An excitable mind creates static and eventually short-circuits.  As electro-magnetic beings it is important to remind yourselves of this. Conscious frequency moderation is required, and is necessary, to live a life in harmony and peace. Uncontrollable human emotions create discord and frequency dissonance. As human frequency conductors, it is important to develop this understanding.

The Aquarian glyph of two wavy lines one under the other was designed to demonstrate this brain activity.

And now, on to another subject.

There are many invisible beings from other dimensions attempting to communicate with you, and the importance of discernment is paramount. Your psychiatric wards are filled with people unable to exercise discernment. Discernment comes through feeling. To become aware of whether the invisibles are coming from a place of love and care, or from control and domination, is for you to decide.

When your hearts and minds are filled with love, compassion and wonderment at nature’s beauty and bounty, your frequency is harmonised. Nature is a frequency moderator and harmoniser. Expending energy outside in nature is beneficial to the human soul and spirit. It has always been.

But what if humans continue to destroy nature?  We ask you to ponder on our words.  We speak plainly to promote deeper understanding and awareness.

We are the Arcturians and we love you. We will come again.


When it is time for a human to wake up to the realisation there is a far larger perspective to living life on earth, a call goes out to that person’s soul group. Discussion takes place to ascertain the best ‘wake up’ call. The result of this call is entirely dependent upon the level of resistance encountered. This is the choice the individual makes. Where there is unwillingness to change perceptions and to view life from a higher perspective, the human suffers. That is their choice.

Why the necessity for change?

The predominant frequency currently emitted by the human collective is of concern to those in the higher realms. Human energy emissions are read. Just as you view a map to take you from one place to another, so too do we read your individual and collective energy fields. In some pockets of your planet there is very little light. This imbalance is creating serious problems and must be corrected if a calamity is to be avoided.  A calamity will affect the atmosphere and earth’s position in space.

Maybe this is too big a picture for humans to comprehend? The vastness of space is filled with life. It may not be visible to the human eye viewing from earth, and is therefore considered irrelevant. Within all life is the essence of the Prime Creator. This Eternal Presence seeks to know itself in order to expand and grow. As it is with Prime Creator, so it is with all life. Humans have been given free will to choose their own individual evolutionary path. As a tiny tree seedling can only grow into a mature tree, humans can only grow into mature humans. During the past 26,000 years of your time this growth process slowed down to almost a halt, as if red traffic lights prevented forward motion. Now, the green lights are on. There is a build-up of pressure to move you forward.

“Where are we heading?” you may ask. “Into an unknown future you create for yourselves” is the answer. You can create this future consciously through love, or unconsciously through fear. The outcome will be different, according to your choice. Your choice will affect everything and everyone around you.

For some, it seems difficult to accept the importance and value of their own creations in the great tapestry of life. Yet if one thread of the tapestry breaks, the entire tapestry suffers. Every single human can be likened to a thread in the great tapestry of life, and you are weaving the tapestry according to your thoughts and actions. To ensure the tapestry is filled with beautiful clear colours your thoughts need to be based on love. Love is the highest frequency that can be generated, and is the greatest healing tool. When you consciously generate the love frequency in your heart and direct it to all parts of your body and energy field, it expands and touches all within its field of influence. Love is a frequency that modulates lower vibrational emotions, bringing healing to them. We ask you to daily practice self-generation of the love frequency to awaken and heal dormant and unconscious aspects of self.  You will be amazed how your life changes for the better when you do.

We are the Arcturians and we love and respect you.


Thank you for hearing our call. The information we provide is designed to aid human evolution of consciousness. Our words may not be understood by all because many are still asleep. To be asleep is to have little understanding of the larger invisible world. Many are pre-programmed before birth to wake up – others are not. Often it takes a life-changing event before humans seek another way of perceiving life. It is as it is. We do what we can.

Life is for living and for learning. As each forward step is taken and mastered, another step is offered. Each new step seems to be completely foreign until some comprehension emerges. Like a cloud passing by under the Sun, the light of comprehension only breaks through when the cloud completely passes leaving brilliant sunlight. Consciousness is light.  Many humans still live their lives in a cloud. A cloud casts a shadow. So too do unconscious humans cast shadows. The light of full consciousness is obscured by grey clouds blanketing the mind. We attempt to break up cloudy comprehension.

The light of full consciousness is available to all humans. It needs to be sought. There are many physical and non-physical beings available to help. Currently, on planet earth, a choice is being made. To seek the light or to remain in darkness. To continue to remain in darkness, engulfed by cloudy thinking, willing to be manipulated and controlled by a global management team, is a personal choice. The result of doing so will be disastrous.  Civilisations have destroyed themselves before. We have re-entered your reality to awaken as many people as we can to avoid a global calamity.

We seek humans who have sought, and found, the light – who have penetrated their cloudy minds and who now perceive a world filled with brilliant light. They begin to glow from within. Their eyes sparkle with the joy of life and the beauty of nature surrounding them. Grateful for each new day, they live a simple and natural life mostly devoid of stress.  They are creating a new Camelot – a civilisation based on love and the light of higher consciousness. They have chosen spirituality over materialism. Connected by the light to their spirit, and their soul’s purpose for evolution based on the continual expansion of consciousness, they enjoy and appreciate their many learning experiences. They know there will always be more learning, and are eager to do so.

We ask those still sleeping to willingly penetrate the clouds that obscure your light of higher consciousness. By doing so you will create a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life for yourself, your children and their children.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again.


Thank you for hearing our call.  The “wake-up” call often falls on deaf ears.  It appears as though many humans prefer to suffer rather than to break through their mental barriers.  Even a severe illness or violent act of nature cannot bring about change. It is as it is.

For those willing to break through resistance, a new world awaits. A world filled with joy, wonderment, and abundant good health. Life is for learning.  Each learning experience leads to maturity. There are many lessons to learn from nature. The earth upon which you live is experiencing human abuse. Currently this abuse is causing environmental problems. When this abuse reaches a certain point, a major calamity will occur. This point is not far away.  The abuse is caused by harmful human thought forms – thoughts connected to material greed and power. The illusion that humans can control nature will soon be smashed, and it may be a hard lesson for some. Others will quickly adjust. Those who adjust may then be open to changes of perception.

Human evolution into higher consciousness is being accelerated.  When resistance to this evolution is encountered, problems that often feel like brick walls, occur. The learning involves working through the beliefs that created the brick wall. As self-realisation occurs and responsibility taken for the erroneous belief, the brick wall magically collapses.

We love and care for you as our children. We do not enjoy observing you creating harm to yourselves and others.  No caring parent does. As loving parents, we guide you along the path towards peace and maturity. You choose the route. You may choose a rocky road filled with hard lessons, or a road that continually circles around the mature path. Or, you can choose the direct path to further growth. We ask you to take responsibility for your life choices. Observe them for what they are: lessons in living.  Accept the outcome you have created and move on with the intention to change your perceptions by becoming self-aware.

We are the Arcturians and we love you. We will come again.