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Early October Transmissions 2019

By October 10, 2019July 30th, 2020No Comments

And it came to pass that, in the fullness of time, information became available that opened human minds to a broader understanding of themselves and their history. Human beings have existed in forms different to now, for millions – nay – trillions of years. Your species have evolved to who you are now through struggle and suffering. Mountains and oceans have risen and fallen, continents have separated, and the poles have shifted, and still you survived. Long is your history.

When your history is fully realised and understood you will view your lives differently to now.

We have observed your progress and because we exist without form, knowing ourselves to be eternally present within the essence of creation, we see ourselves in you had we chosen to allow materialisation upon your third dimensional earth plane. As you, in your innocence, chose to allow matter engulf your spirit, and we did not, we see how many of you are now choosing spirit over materialisation. The tide is turning within the collective consciousness.  As more people choose to embody the light of spirit – the living light of love within their hearts – allowing it to guide their lives, the rising tide of love-based light will penetrate the form of matter. Your bodies’ chemistry will change as you so choose.

We rejoice. As loving parents, we seek the best for our children and you are like our earthly children now growing into aware and responsible adults. Soon events will happen that provide evidence of our existence in other dimensions. These dimensions can be likened to radio waves. You will soon learn to tune in to different frequency wave bands by stilling your mind. It will take practice.

Children brought up in natural surroundings often tune in to finer frequency bands and communicate with the light beings existing there. Through play and presence, they create games. Their joy and their happiness are contagious.

Be as children, and allow the living light of love to fuel your daily activities. Allow your spirit to guide. Each of you is unique.  Each of you has talents, well learned over countless lives. Identify them, and use them for the greater good of all, allowing your heart to sing as you do so.

We are the Arcturians and we will come again.


To hear the sound of the whales and to see them frolicking in the ocean brings joy to so many people. The sounds made by the whales is based on a frequency that transmits to human minds. The transmissions may seem unclear and have little meaning, however they are fuel to the human mind. The whale song awakens dim memories in the human brain.  It may take some time for these memories to float to the surface of human consciousness, but they will.

You, Ashtara, heard our call and acted upon it, as did others. The whale-activated memories will soon become conscious.  In future times we will call again.  We ask you to share your memories.  When sufficient numbers of people do the same, the world you live in will never be the same.

It is easy to receive the whale song when living in a pristine coastal area, surrounded by nature.

And now, to another subject.

We realise the messages we bring may create frequency alterations. Some individuals may perceive them as shock waves. They can be likened to the whales’ sounds. Both allow for frequency modulation. Humans are a bundle of electro-magnetic frequencies. The cosmic waves now bombarding earth can shake up individuals. Learning to manage these higher frequencies is the next phase of human development. These cosmic waves will increase.

It is as it is.

We love and care for you and do our best to prepare you for what is to come.

We are the Arcturians and we will come again.


And it came to pass that, as humans began waking up in greater numbers the world they lived in slowly began to change. Technology was used to enhance and understand nature rather than to destroy it. Technology and nature combined for the greater good. Humans learned about themselves from nature. They began to revere nature and wonder at it, especially wonder at the uniqueness of animals. Nature began to be respected rather than defiled.

In some parts of the world nature caused problems. She was being abused and exploited.  It will soon become obvious to humans that nature responds to human thought. It has always been. We ask you to become aware.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.