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By Arcturus Transmissions, November 2018, Planet, Transmissions
And it came to pass that, as many humans realised their truth, a wave of shame swept across the planet. Shame for the devastation they had caused through their unconscious behaviour. Uncaring, and intent on personal gain, great harm had been done to Gaia and all creatures upon her. Within all humans is the spark of good and the spark of love, yet for too long both sparks have been ignored in favour of their opposites. Gaia can no longer tolerate this abuse and will make amends. The greater the light people carry the greater will be their survival. The…
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By Arcturus Transmissions, Children, November 2018, Transmissions
Parents who leave their children unattended for long periods of time need to ensure the children do not watch the news. There is very little good news broadcast. The perpetual feeding of bad news will adversely affect the child’s brain. Children need to create and play in nature. It arouses their curiosity and enables them to be adventurous.  Nature also heals psychological disturbance. The energy emitted from television and other electronic devices is unhealthy, and can adversely affect eyesight. As with an adult, a child needs regular daily exercise, healthy fresh food, clean air and water. The children are your…
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By Arcturus Transmissions, November 2018, Transmissions
And it came to pass that as more and more humans expanded their minds their DNA began to change. The original blueprint for human evolution has humans with twelve strands of DNA rather than the two currently experienced. Some have evolved to three strands and others to four. Ashtara, you have developed five DNA strands. You are an experiment to demonstrate the path to conscious human evolution. It is not an easy path but is the one taken by those who choose spirituality over society. More humans are choosing this path to freedom than ever before in your current evolutionary…
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