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May 2019

By May 5, 2019July 30th, 2020No Comments

Today is a day of reckoning. In times past, people upon earth listened attentively to their inner guidance and acted upon it. They were connected to spirit within. This practice is again becoming prevalent.  As more people work with it their lives become full of promise and wonder.

It is not difficult to live your life in present-moment self-awareness. If you realised how much easier life would be by doing so you would decide to engage in this practice. The rewards of doing so are great.

Present-moment self-awareness simply means to place your full attention on whatever you are engaged in throughout the day. The past, and the future, do not enter your mental state. As you tune into the inner messages, and act immediately upon them, you flow with the rhythm of life. Inner harmony results. The Buddhists refer to this practice as mindfulness.

Negative thoughts fall away as you learn to trust your inner guidance. The presence of spirit is always with you. You separate from it when allowing a multitude of unnecessary thoughts to fill your mind.

Why do you deny the presence of your Maker? Are you afraid? Through intentional and aware practice, you can learn to manage your mind. It is an evolutionary process all humans need to undertake on their journey home to the One Source. Joy will fill your hearts as you regularly tune in to your natural guidance. Fears dissipate as trust takes their place. We urge you to live life in this way because it is your inbuilt survival mechanism.

Listen attentively to your inner voice. It is the very first voice or impulse you hear or feel when seeking guidance. Do not allow rational thought or reason to deter you from your spirit. It sees and understands far more than your mind’s limited capacity. Spirit will never let you down.


And it came to pass that, as humans became more sensitive to technological E.M.F’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) changes occurred throughout the globe. This unhealthy energy adversely affects different body organs. The medical world exploded with new drugs but none solved the problem. Sensitive humans learned to manage what became a blessing. Their psychic sensitivity guided them to relocate to clean, E.M.F free, country areas. Following this transition period, these pockets of light grew into ecological havens for all species.

Those who remained in the polluted cities quickly developed more serious health problems. A transition phase often lasted for centuries. Not so now. Those who refuse to do the inner purification process will suffer further. The human body can only take a certain amount of toxicity before it breaks down.


As humans become more self-aware, many changes occurred to their modes of behaviour. Caution took the place of impulsiveness. Care and consideration took the place of control, and simplicity took over from complexity. Life became orderly and flowed like a gentle river to the ocean of Oneness. The ocean waves were not as turbulent, and people appreciated life’s natural resources rather than seeking continual stimulation. As it was in times of old so it will be again.

When it’s time to take a new step consider it well. Feel into it rather than reason. When it feels right, act positively upon it. Impulsiveness and force often lead to accidents. Be mindful. It takes commitment and practice to move through life with mindfulness, yet the results are so worthwhile.

In the course of the coming events there will be many opportunities to practice this type of living. Eventually people will wake up to themselves and their behaviour.  As your brothers and sisters from another dimension we can only guide your way. We look with wonder and amazement at how far you have come and how long you have travelled to develop your existing states of consciousness. Acceleration to these states is occurring. Life problems will increase for many until they see the light and make the internal changes.

We love and honour you,
We are the Arcturians.