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Arcturus TransmissionsTransmissions

March 2020

By March 22, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

The following transmission was received at Port Elliott, South Australia early-March 2020

“And it came to pass that, when individuals awakened from their deep sleep, events occurred in their lives that enabled them to experience a different reality to that of their normal life.

Many people sought medical help, however those trained conventionally had little or no comprehension of the issue.

A new world is opening, one that has been in preparation for aeons of time. This world is filled with wonder. Humans are ready to move into a new dimension yet it is unknown and unfamiliar. Resistance is encountered. Those already awakened are the way showers. Their task is not easy yet they persist. It is their calling. They heard the inner call and responded. They offer a gateway, a portal, into the new world. How many will hear their call?

Often, they are called into unknown areas on the earth to awaken those still sleeping.  Some may wonder why.

As the light increases its influence in individuals’ hearts and minds, the dark attempts to prevent it. It is the way of your world. You have free will to choose your mental focus.

We in the lighter realms are amazed at your ability to overcome the shadows that hold you captive. The inner psychological work that many choose to do accelerates their evolution into higher consciousness and greater light. Realising the way of the heart is the pathway to the new world, you follow the gentle guidance of your heart. It is the pathway to freedom.

We are the Arcturians and we thank you for hearing our call. We will come again”.


The following transmission was received on 22nd March, 2020

“And it came to pass that, as humans believed their survival was threatened many turned to panic. Fear took hold in many minds. Fear of survival and fear of lack. Nature is bountiful. Prior to western civilization humans lived fruitful and happy lives attuned to nature. They will do so again.

At this time in human evolution as the light of higher consciousness fills the hearts and souls of the awakening ones, those in the dark suffer according to their levels of fear. Fear is a killer.

Have courage.Turn your minds to goodness and loving kindness. Look behind your perceived fear to extract cause.

Simplify your lives. Rejoice in the bird song and other sounds of nature. Allow natural spontaneity, joy and love to guide your daily life and have faith in the evolutionary process.

We are the Arcturians.  We love and care for you and will come again”.