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Late February 2020

By March 2, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

“And it came to pass that, as humans began consciously evolving in greater numbers, a new culture formed. This culture, unlike anything before it, arose from evolutionary necessity. When stagnation of a species takes place, as has often happened, events occur that arouse both the individual and the collective from their complacency. Sometimes there is suffering.

Species evolution must continue. Nature provides the evolutionary necessity.

Currently, humans are in a time of evolutionary acceleration. Stagnation is over. The more self-aware and mindful people become, the easier is their evolutionary progress.

Nature assists Natural Law. Natural Law encompasses all that is needed for species evolution and survival. All elements are involved – from the rhythm of the cosmos to the rhythm of the planets, and all life forms upon them.

As extinction of some species occurs, mutations into new species takes place. Some human species have become extinct. Other forms have, and are mutating.

In ancient times, humans respected nature and lived by Natural Law.  It is the way of your future.


In times to come, when love abounds, humans will realise the value of heart intelligence.  Choices will have been made to follow the heart’s guidance of truth. Love attracts love.  Natural Law will be the only Law followed.

Our Creator breathed life into all existence. Evil was a free-will choice made by some humans. Choices have consequences. Indecision arises from a refusal to choose love. Suffering can follow.

Love is the juice that fuels all of life. A power current, love changes lives. All life was created through love – love of the Creator for all its’ sparks of individual consciousness.

Many of these sparks chose evil over love. That choice had consequences. Guilt, shame, hatred and greed to name a few. Evil began.

When humans realise the value of choosing love to guide their lives, and choose to act on it, their worlds will change. Love creates life. As your Creator breathed love into your life so can you breathe love into your creations. Harmony and peace are derivatives of love.

Loving appreciation for the Creators gift of life is a choice all humans will make. This return to love is imminent.

We are the Arcturians.  We love and care for you and will come again.