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June 2019

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As humans begin awakening in greater numbers their understanding of universal connection strengthens. The transition from living in a lower frequency world to that of a higher one is unsettling to many species. Many animals become sensitive to the higher frequency currents and many react to them. All species are connected as one. This realisation is now dawning in many human minds.

One human reaction affects the collective, as does one calm response. The thought forms of the collective are created by the thought forms of every human. You matter. Your psychology matters.

We are all One. The Eternal One is awakening in the minds and hearts of every human on the planet. This realisation is slowly being anchored in the human psyche. Trust and faith need strengthening. As the great wave of Eternal Spirit’s consciousness washes over individual’s minds it awakens the spark of divine love resident in their hearts. All are connected within the great hologram of eternal light.

Just as each cell in the human body is connected and an important part of human design, so too is the Eternal Spirit an integral part of human function. Individuals are awakening to this perception. The tiniest particle within every cell contains the consciousness – the energy of Eternal Spirit’s love. Just as each cell in the human body responds to the light of higher consciousness so too do the birds, insects and animals. As humans evolve into full consciousness all species within their field of influence also evolve.

As individuals evolve into group consciousness, which is the next step up the evolutionary ladder, nature responds in kind.

The Creator’s system is simple. It takes an awakened human mind to appreciate the simplicity within the complexity. You, Ashtara, have this ability. You can extract the essence of truth behind seemingly complex situations. We ask that you use this ability to aid and accelerate human evolution into higher consciousness. We will provide the opportunities. First, on an individual level, and then on a group level. As we’ve mentioned previously, many can facilitate individual healing. Not so many can facilitate group healing. Let it be known that this is your future work. We will help.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.


When there is insufficient light carried within humans they are unable to connect to the higher dimensional realms to receive transmissions and guidance. We are waiting to serve them to the best of our capacity, however, until they attain the frequency levels needed we are unable to do so.

To develop these frequency levels requires intention and attention. Through sincere intention and the willingness to pay attention to one’s thoughts, subsequent emotions and behaviour and through self-realisations of truth, higher dimensional experiences emerge. Self-realisation, those “Ah-Ha” moments of truth that emerge intuitively, leads to the development of higher consciousness and is part of the awakening process.

Just as a plant needs the sunshine- the life force energy – to grow and flourish, so too do humans. The process is both physical and metaphysical – the light seen, and the light eternal.

At this time in human history the light eternal can be accessed. Earth is now moving through a different area of space to previous Ages where this light is now available to all.

How do humans “wake-up’ to truth, to self-realisations and to the realisation there is a great plan for human evolution? Again, intention and attention are needed. And, child-like perception. A child may ask – How does a flower grow? Who created it? Why does the flower exist? Where do all the warm feelings in my heart come from? Where is God?

Eternal light exists. Its energy is consciousness. The consciousness of the One Creative Source –The infinite One. This consciousness exists as the tiniest of all particles within every cell of all that exists. It is this light that is awakening in human hearts. For those souls hardened by structure and fear, the times ahead will be challenging. For those who resonate with the love vibration and are open and receptive to light infusions, the light is easy to access.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.


When a greater number of humans awaken to the light, the Christ light within their sacred hearts, a tremendous shift is to occur that will affect all living things including planet Earth. The unprecedented light of higher consciousness will have an unprecedented effect. The world as you know it will never be the same. Those who have awakened will view themselves and their surroundings through new eyes. Passions will run high. For those choosing to remain in the dark, fear, control and pain will increase. As the wave of light pushes against the brick wall of human perception built by fear, humans will struggle to control it. Eventually, the light will win out. The brick wall will crumble.
How can it be otherwise?

A new Camelot will be created, A Golden Age where love prevails. The foundational light pockets will thrive. Those courageous pioneers who left their former lives behind to create these new light centres in pristine country areas will also thrive.

Instinct and intuition, two natural abilities will be the mental mechanisms needed to build the new communities. The shift into this new life phase is fast approaching. Re-locate if you are called from within to do so. The natural movement into different areas on Earth naturally brings new perceptions.


In times past, when the Earth was a lot younger than it is now, species thrived because of their deep connection to their planetary home. They recognised Earth as their mother who provided food, shelter, beauty and adventure. They learned to live a natural life deeply connected to the rhythms of life. All their needs were met.

At night, the stars were studied, as was the Moon. They connected the night sky with its many changes to their daily lives. The changes in the night sky seemed to bring corresponding changes in the daily lives. And so, astrology was born.

Planet Earth and its inhabitants attracted attention from the inhabitants of other star systems. These inhabitants had evolved differently to humans. Life in higher frequencies provides higher perceptions.

3D (third dimension) is a plane of density. There are many dimensions permeating this universe. These dimensions are light frequency bands, like radio waves. Different species, invisible to those operating on the 3D band, exist.


In the beginning of human evolution decisions were made to influence this evolutionary process. Those making the decisions mostly had the evolving species best interests at heart and were genuine in their desire to further the Great Plan. However, there were also those with a different agenda – to get service from the newly evolving earth species.

Evolution of the human species continued accordingly. Both the light and the dark monitored human development, mostly without interference. When deemed ready, and this was ascertained by the level of human consciousness radiation, further interference took place. The procedures were simple for those more technologically evolved.

Those with light agendas began education programmes to aid human development while holidaying on this lower vibrational earth plane. Others, with a darker agenda, created a robotic human work force to aid their personal agendas to get service for themselves. Millions of earth years passed. The light and dark mingled and became the human species of today.

Two thousand years ago, under the clear directive of the Infinite One, an evolved light being incarnated into the dense earth plane to further accelerate human evolution along the light path. Known as Jesus of Nazareth, this man exhibited extraordinary powers naturally demonstrating a path that others could follow. His life’s work seeded new awareness in the hearts and minds of those he encountered. These seeds are sprouting now. Earth and this solar system moved into a different area of space – a lighter area where the Creator’s light beam is more influential in raising human consciousness. As Earth moves into the greater influence of this light beam humans are awakening in far greater numbers than ever before. The Great Plan for human evolution is accelerating.

The vibrational intensity of this light ray activates dormant particles within human cells. The human body absorbs the light radiation through energy centres known as chakras. These chakras connect to the endocrine system. The receiving centres process the finer light frequencies as best they can.

Contained within the tiniest particle in existence is the Star Maker’s consciousness. Divine love is its essence. When this awareness awakens in individual human hearts and minds then life on Earth will change. When the collective human mind and heart awakens to this awareness Earth changes will occur. This natural evolutionary process cannot be stopped. How individuals experience the change depends upon their level of awareness, love and desire for good.

Wake-up humans – to the Star Maker’s love within you.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.

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