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July Addition 2019

By July 29, 2019July 30th, 2020No Comments

In times to come, when humans are more tuned to nature and the abundance she provides, memory of the former hectic life will fade. Balance will have been attained. At this stage of human evolutionary development peace and harmony will prevail. Wars will be obsolete. This new way of life enables galactic connections.

Earth, and humans living upon her, will become part of the Galactic Federation of Light. Appropriate means of intergalactic transport will have been designed and some humans attuned to the galactic light current will become earthly representatives of this Council. This scenario may seem like a fairy story to some, yet it will come to pass.

Now, back to your world now.

Evolution into higher consciousness is accelerating. The great waves of light are strengthening. Human psychology is being washed clean through the process. The individuals who refuse to become aware of their inner light will experience the trials and tribulations of their own mental perceptions. We are always available to assist yet can only do so when asked.

We are the Arcturians and we love and care for you, and will come again.


When it is time for major change, we are able to reach the humans who have done sufficient inner psychological work. The ability to respond to our call is enhanced through this evolutionary process. Response – ability is the ability to respond rather than robotically react.

During the turn of the Ages a light channel is available for evolutionary growth. Approximately two thousand years ago, an avatar descended from higher dimensional realms to assist human evolution into greater love and light. His voice was heard by many, both of the light and of the dark. His family assisted and supported him. They learned from him and have once again returned to the earth plane to deliver his message. Jesus, the Christ, made a huge impact on the human evolutionary process. His message of love, delivered through his higher level of light and connection to the One Source, is as relevant today as it was then.

How many have manipulated his message to gain control and power over human minds? When did humans start to think they had to go through intermediaries such as priests, popes or presidents to experience the Eternal Presence in themselves?

The “wake-up” call is becoming stronger. The light wave of higher consciousness will influence those still sleeping with greater force. Many will be unable to contain the frequency. Others will learn that abuse of power through manipulation and control no longer works as they see their businesses and corporations collapse. Others will experience ill health, or decide to leave.

We ask that you seek the still, calm place within your mind on a daily basis. Take yourself into nature and marvel at what it can teach you. We ask you to think and act for yourselves rather than on what others tell you.
The media and internet have taken hold of human minds. Many people, particularly in cities, are willing to become robots to it.

Your heart feels truth. Your heart feels love. We ask you to focus on, and to act upon, your love and your truth.

We are the Arcturians and we love you dearly.


The heart feels truth. The mind is filled with other people’s ideas of truth. Your cultural conditioning, gathered over countless incarnations, creates your world. Robotically, and without personal truth, individuals perform daily tasks without love. Without love plants and all living creatures eventually cease to exist. Many species on earth are becoming extinct.

Love is the fuel that fires humans into action.

The human body can be likened to the most advanced computer ever created. When filled with love this biological computer functions at optimum capacity. The human body feels body sensations and emotions. Species devoid of feeling are like robots, pre-programmed to perform specific functions.

Why do you allow powerful energies to influence? Your truth is found within. Your body, and especially your heart, contain all the information you need to live a fulfilling, healthy and happy life.

‘What is my purpose for being’, you might ask. To grow and evolve into greater love and the light of higher consciousness – is the answer. By doing so you benefit not only yourself but all life around you.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.


In times gone by, and in times to come, people will look to the stars for guidance. Much will be understood by doing so. The position of the stars changes according to the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. From the Arcturians perspective this is not so. The Earth’s trajectory through space is changing. As mentioned before, it is out of orbit. This is a concern to those observing from a higher perspective. We have a vested interest in humanity’s survival. The Earth will survive, but many humans upon her may not unless there is a huge shift in their consciousness. Many are waking up – to a reality beyond their previous comprehension. It is this new reality we want to address.

As the huge wave of finer light frequencies washes clean old perceptions, a vacuum is created. It is important for humans to insert into this vacuum thoughts, feelings and actions based on love and care for the environment.  For too long this has been neglected. City people, intent on their own pursuits, often have no idea where and how their food is grown. Farmers are denuding the land through the over-stocking of cattle and sheep. Other farmers use poisonous fertilizers on their crops, destroying the soil in which they grow. Ignorance abounds. Dense human psychology contaminates nature daily.

We speak plainly because we see a future being created that cannot be sustained. A different future can be created if enough people wake up to this unsustainable reality and make personal changes to their way of life.

How do humans change? Through crisis. You are inviting a crisis into your lives that will affect your neighbours in space. It can easily be prevented. A change of perception is needed. We have come into your world, your consciousness, to assist you make this perceptual change.

Love is the key. The vibration of daily generated love provides the needed frequency fuel to facilitate global change.

Such a simple thing, to allow heart felt feelings to guide one’s life.

Over the past two thousand years, continual left-brain stimulus has corrupted human thoughts. It appears easier for humans to think rather than feel the truth contained in emotion because responsibility is involved.

We cannot interfere in your chosen evolutionary path but we can share our perspective.

We are the Arcturians and we love you dearly. We will come again.


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