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January 2020

By January 23, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

In times gone past technology used to be more advanced than it is now. This was before the fall from higher consciousness. The fall began prior to the collapse of Atlantis. Human greed and depravity were the cause.

Many people will not awaken during this decade. They are too set in their ways. Many more people will awaken and embrace the new. 2020 will bring shocks to many and revelations to others. For some, the awakening process can seem shocking, to others – not so. Those pre-programmed prior to current incarnation to awaken, will do so. The ensuing experience will be determined by their level of resistance.

Joy, love and peace emerge from non-resistance to change.

Inside every living thing is a spark of divine light, known to many as the Christ or Buddha Light. When awakened and utilised by each individual through heart-felt love and gratitude for creation, the potential to attain Christ or cosmic consciousness becomes available. By following the spark of love and gratitude, the world opens up to convey that spark.  Gradually fear exits because love and gratitude for all of creation has taken its place.

This coming decade will be what you make it. Force will be of no avail. Following the path of love will bring love.

So simple.


And now, we begin.

In times long ago, the human brain was more adaptable than it is now. Countless centuries of limiting conditioning have reduced many of its normal functions. This is changing. It must, in order to survive the future. Humans are evolving into a simple self-sustaining life. Many people are gravitating towards this simplicity. Others not so. When money is no longer printed and a different exchange system of services is in place, life upon earth will be completely different to now.

Complexity, greed and disregard for Nature has resulted in the current reality on earth.  This cannot continue. In the higher vibrational realms there is concern. Earlier civilisations collapsed when human greed and disregard for Nature took place. When imbalances occur, Nature corrects.

In your plane of duality dark and light exist. Even though pockets of light are increasing, greed and disregard for Nature are also increasing. We do what we can. Nature was created to support humans. This will be realised and accepted. It may be a hard lesson for some.

There is an order in the Universe that many refer to as Divine Order. This order, when weakened, creates problems to all life forms within its field of influence. This order is self-regulating, so corrections occur. It is, and always has been. Humans can also self-regulate and this self-regulation is needed now.

We ask you to consider our words.

We are the Arcturians and we love and care for you.


In the not-too-distant future many changes are to take place to enable humans to develop new skills. The earth plane is one of learning and accelerated growth – the reason so many souls seek to experience it. There are many other planes of existence.

From development in the womb to the time of passing the earth provides opportunities for learning. Some take advantage of them – others do not. Cycling in and out of incarnation continues, until full remembrance occurs. Remembrance of what, you may ask. Of individual history is the answer. Each soul carries within their memory banks the knowledge of their own unique journey of experience based on the choices made. Many souls on the earth plane are remembering their personal history. This evolutionary growth process is accelerating. Contained within each soul’s history are skills learned in other incarnations.  We, and others like us who love and care for humanity, assist the opening up to greater self-awareness. We guide and teach.

Often our messages fall on deaf ears. Listening to one’s inner voice is a learned skill.  Silence is needed in order to pay attention to our voice. In times to come many will realise the value of listening to the inner voice and acting upon its loving guidance. Inner tuition guides with love. Intuition connects to the heart. Mental stillness is required.

We do what we can.

We are the Arcturians, and we will come again.