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Early April 2020

By April 5, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

Turbulent times call for new thought
Regurgitated thought is ineffective.
New ideas enter a still and calm mind
A troubled mind cannot receive original thought.

Now, more than ever before, humans need to ensure a quiet and calm mind.
Allow intuition
Allow compassion, and above all,
Open your hearts to unity.

Love is the healing agent.
By generating feelings of love
and distributing this love essence to ailing parts of the body,
healing occurs.

The greater the sincerity of the love generation,
the greater is its healing influence.

Vibrational healing, that resonates with divine love,
and love and appreciation for the gift of life,
and for your connection to Source – is the healing essence.

Take time to “smell the roses”,
and to appreciate Nature for her beauty and bounty.
These actions will bring calm and peace to stormy minds and emotions.

Choose to forgive and to release all that contributes to your inner storm.
Find the quiet and peaceful place within,
and then ask for guidance to clear questions.

Turbulence within leads to turbulence without.
Peace, unity and love within creates the same without.

We are the Arcturians and we will come again.