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And it came to pass that as more and more humans expanded their minds their DNA began to change. The original blueprint for human evolution has humans with twelve strands of DNA rather than the two currently experienced. Some have evolved to three strands and others to four. Ashtara, you have developed five DNA strands. You are an experiment to demonstrate the path to conscious human evolution. It is not an easy path but is the one taken by those who choose spirituality over society. More humans are choosing this path to freedom than ever before in your current evolutionary phase.

This growth phase leads to the creation of a new Camelot – a Golden Age of Peace. The human blueprint is in place. Greater light is bombarding the planet than ever before.  A huge effort is being made by those in the higher dimensional realms to accelerate your growth.

We know this is not for everyone. Many will be left behind to continue replaying the same old dramas. You who have chosen spirituality over societal conditioning will grow your DNA. The quicker you learn your lessons and work through your karma the quicker this evolutionary growth will be accomplished.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.