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August 2019

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Untold mysteries are still to be discovered by humans as to their origins.

Many will be discovered during the coming decade that will change lives.
A mass awakening is to occur to enable a new way of perceiving life. Specific cosmic currents will bring these changes. Exactly how the changes are to occur is still uncertain. Rhythm and movement, one of the Universal Laws of Creation, is a part of the creative process. There is an order to it.  Random events happen within this order.

Just as the planet Uranus inclines towards unexpected disorder, so too do other cosmic bodies. Change is the constant. Evolution continues. The evolution of human consciousness is accelerating, and will continue to do so for the duration of a particular phase. These phases can be likened to the phases of the Moon.

It may appear to some that we speak in riddles. To others our words make sense.

We care about our human family and do what we can to assist this phase of development.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.


At the turn into the twenty-first century a massive wave of fear swept planet earth – fear that technology would collapse.  A name was given to this phenomenon.  Nothing happened. It was just another day.

Fear gripped the U.S.A following the events of 9 – 11 when huge towers collapsed due to human need for power and control. Fear is a killer. The need for power is a killer. Human lives suffer. Health suffers.

There is another way to live life. A peaceful and love filled life is attainable. It is not a fantasy. To live life in peace requires a decision, along with the desire to do so.  A change in life style could be needed. Many people are making this choice, and many more will do so.  This decision also requires an inward journey to ascertain the root cause of fear and separation from love.  Many are taking it.  Why live a life rooted in fear and separation from love? Both create ill health.

We in the higher realms observe human behaviour with wonderment. We wonder why the choice to live in fear is made. The negative currents emanating from mass human fear, and separation from love, adversely influences other lives, and planet earth.

Fear attracts whatever is feared.

Without love, life becomes devoid of meaning.

We speak plainly because mass fear is growing in direct proportion to the level of separation from love. The media promote fear.  It sells. Inspirational and peaceful news appear boring.

Wake up humans, to the future you are creating.


In times to come, a more natural life attuned to nature will be lived. What will it take to bring this about? Reflect upon this question because it will bring up many more. There are many other caring observers of the human plight seeking to reach you – mostly to no avail. We will not give up our attempts. We see where you are heading; what you are creating – and we have concern.

Planet earth is moving through a different area of space, one filled with greater light.   Because of this, you have the opportunity to embody this light. It is the light of higher consciousness, the Prime Creator’s light, readily available to embrace should you choose to do so.

How does this process happen?  All it requires is for you to be willing to change your mind, to change your perceptions – of yourself and your world.

Decide to discover the cause of discomfort, of emotional trauma, of mental stress and of illness. Confront the dark shadows within, and take responsibility for them. They are yours.

You are such a unique human being, with a purpose for living on planet Earth. Discover that purpose, and allow it to guide you towards a love-filled future.

A life of joy is yours to live.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.


As people adjust to the new frequencies, city life can become troublesome. The EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) bombarding their circuitry, their nervous system, affects their sleep, so they live life in agitation rather than in peace.  Sensitive people are the first affected. Your medical world is yet to realise this frequency static because their lives are so full. They do the best they can. The higher frequency waves bombarding your planet will not go away. Their intensity will increase.

We ask you to become aware, and to make the necessary changes to your life style.  Some loving parents are already aware because their children have problems coping with city life. Many seek a simple country life to ensure their children live healthy lives. We ask you to consider our words, and to take them seriously.

We are the Arcturians and we love and care for you. We will come again.