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Arcturus TransmissionsTransmissions

March 2019

By March 14, 2019July 30th, 2020No Comments

“As human evolution into greater light becomes more widespread, opposition to the phenomena takes place.

The Light always attracts darkness yet the dark cannot move the Light unless the individual seeks it. Tests and challenges occur to provide choices. When choosing the Light, darkness dissipates quickly, almost magically. Very soon the dark gives up because it can no longer penetrate the light. It has always been.”


“As more people awaken to truth their old world begins to fade, and has little meaning. Their new, and as yet unformed, world beckons. A transition phase between worlds is occurring, seemingly without substance. A period of waiting is at hand. Within this waiting period new seeds are sprouting. Sprouting seeds need nurturance, natural food, fresh air, clean water and sunlight. So it is with the human soul.

A preparation period needs planning but how can plans be made when the path ahead is unclear?

Patience and acceptance of “what is” is necessary. Follow the guidance of your heart and allow the joy derived from simple activities to show the way.

Embrace with wonder the waiting phase. It is for a purpose.  Much will be revealed throughout the process.”


“ And it came to pass that, as humans realised their true identities as creative beings filled with the Divine Creator’s love, massive changes occurred on planet Earth. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, trembled with the new changes, shaking off, like a dog, the old dense energy. Human hearts began opening at the speed of light. The Earth prepared to heal herself.

As she birthed her new essence, this energy spread to the other planets in the solar system and beyond. The three Suns, Sirius, Alcyone and our Sun continue to shine their light onto everything they touch. The dark no longer has sufficient greed, anger and fear to fuel their activities. A shift into a higher dimensional frequency took place.

This is how we Arcturians view your current situation. We admire and marvel at your courage to be receivers and transmitters of the Light.

Those who continue to replay their dark games cannot access this dimensional level. This transition phase requires even greater self-awareness with continued inner focus. For the sake of the solar system and your precious planet Earth – so far out in the galaxy – continue with your self-healing through self-awareness. It is not the time to slacken your efforts.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.”