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Arcturus TransmissionsTransmissions

April 2019

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The Arcturian transmission are both awakening and healing. The Arcturians are genuinely concerned about the future of our human race. They care for us as cosmic parents and can clearly see the path we are headed, and the consequences of doing so. According to Universal Law they cannot interfere. They, and other star races, are suffering the consequences of previously doing so. They cannot evolve further until they correct their former misdemeanours. It is the same for every human.

I share with you their latest transmissions. Please take them seriously and act positively upon them, not only for your greater good, but also for the greater good of our precious planet and of humanity. Should you want to receive them into your email box you can do so through free subscription. Go to my home page and fill in the form.


“It is time for further serious work. The old order is rapidly changing.  Upheaval exists in most nations on your planet. Humans have taken the route that can only lead to a major calamity. Attention by the masses is on instant gratification.

The light pockets are growing. However, much work needs to be done.

The media rule human affairs and their hold is becoming stronger. They hold the power. It is apparent to us in the higher realms that mind-control by the media is becoming increasingly effective. No longer is nature the source of inspiration and healing as it was designed to be. Rather, it is abused and/or ignored.

The earth has sufficient resources to feed all upon it. To do so requires careful management. A different approach is needed. Alarm bells are ringing throughout the galaxy as affairs on earth deteriorate. Thought vibrations travel. Mass thought forms, when linked with intent, also travel. When the mass intent causes damage to the host planet a warning signal is received. This signal is taken seriously by those experiencing life in higher realms.  Your technology is being used to cause harm.

Addictions to the propaganda and mind control has reached crisis point.  Children’s minds are being filled with disabling information designed to keep them away from nature. Social interactions are lessening and control over their minds is accelerating. Health is declining.

Wake up humans, Wake up!

We are the Arcturians and we love you.”


“And it came to pass that, as humans continued to wake up to the new light frequencies bombarding planet earth, beings in higher realms began taking an interest. We read frequencies – levels of light.  We monitor them as some of your scientists monitor similar electronic signals.

When there is frequency interruption we monitor cause. We are monitoring cause more frequently. Sometimes we can make corrections.  Distinct patterns of frequency interruption are occurring in the vicinity of your solar system. Your Sun is emitting greater flares. This force can be felt by sensitive humans.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of these changes. Sleep time is over! Become aware of your energy fields. Learn to rely on your feelings. They emanate from your heart and soul. Train your mind to be a servant to your heart.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.”


May you allow Love and Light to guide you on your life’s journey,

With love and many blessings,

April 6th 2019