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The Sun Signs of The Zodiac – A Story

By June 1, 2015September 4th, 2018No Comments

…it was sunrise when Great Spirit shared his vision for humanity with his twelve children.


“I give My seeds of love to you Aries, along with the gift of initiatory action. It is your mission to penetrate the soil of human minds with My seeds and ensure they are planted. Through your bravery and fearless deeds humanity will become aware they carry My love seeds within every cell of their bodies.”


“To my daughter Taurus I give the mission of manifesting a bountiful harvest from the love seeds your brother Aries plants. To assist their growth I gift you with patience, persistence and the value of steady process. Your trust in Me ensures the love Seeds will flourish.”


“To Gemini I offer the gifts of thought, communication and knowledge. Use these gifts wisely because your mission is to answer the many questions asked of, and about, me”.


“My daughter Cancer I give you the experience of emotion that you may teach humanity to feel, and care for each other. You are to nurture My love seeds and nourish My human family with them”.


“To my courageous son Leo I gift you with an abundance of creativity and joy so you may playfully spread My love seeds. Your mission is to use My love seeds to open the hearts of humanity.”


“Your gift, Virgo, is purity of thought and deed. You have the ability to analyse and examine the intricate details of My Universe, and solve the problems created by humanity. Your mission is to heal through loving service”.


“I give the gift of peace and harmony to you Libra so that humanity will learn to cooperate and mediate. You are to develop internal balance so that you share My love seeds wherever you find imbalance and injustice.”


“Scorpio your gift is both subtle and profound. You are to experience darkness so you will remember to reclaim your light through love of Me. There will come upon Earth a time of great darkness when My existence will be denied. Your mission is to regenerate humanity, through remembrance of your light and My love.”


“To my adventuring son Sagittarius I gift you with the wisdom and understanding there is no end to My Universe. You will travel widely in your quest for truth and discover many pathways that lead to Me. You are to spread wide My love, and the wisdom gained through your discoveries to ensure it reaches every corner of the world. My beloved children on Earth will awaken and unify when they know they carry within their hearts My seeds of love.”


“Your gifts Capricorn are those of achievement, responsibility and discipline. There will be many mountains to climb and the summits may be difficult to attain. Your mission is to practically demonstrate your achievements on Earth. You will strive for successful results and these will come when you allow My seeds of love to guide your way.”


“Aquarius, my freedom loving child, I gift you with higher consciousness and the vision to see the future. You will see a time when, through My love, humanity will unify. From this higher perspective you are to share your unique awareness to all within your field of influence.”


“And to you sensitive Pisces I give you union with Me through which you will experience divine love and compassion. Because of your sensitivity you may also feel humanity’s pain and sorrow, and suffer by taking it into yourself. Your mission is to guide those who are sorrowful, including yourself, back home to Me.”
Great Spirit rested, knowing His seeds of love will manifest within the hearts and minds of his earthly children.


May 2015
With acknowledgement to Astrologer Martin Schulman for the concept