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The Source of Life. The greatest light in our sky, representing the greatest light we can become through conscious development of openhearted love. Can represent and describe our father. Rules the zodiacal sign of Leo and, anatomically, the heart. Symbolically each individual is a small Sun whose ultimate purpose is to realize innate potential and be the shining Star that we are.


Feminine, Passive and Reflective. Reflects the light of the Sun and pulls the tides of the ocean. It also “pulls” our internal emotional tides and reflects our light. It rules the unconscious side of our personality. Themes: Moods, emotions, habits, mother, family, past, heritage, roots and sense of belonging. In a horoscope the Moon discloses how an individual’s inner feelings take prominence over the personality. Rules the sign of Cancer. Anatomically the Moon is associated with the lymph, secretions of the glands, the digestive juices and all the fluids.


The Messenger and Emissary of the Sun. Rules the way we think, learn and communicate; our left brain function and practical mind.  Our quality of intellect is directly influenced by whatever the Moon is “reflecting”. Mercury rules the sign of Gemini and, anatomically, the nervous system.


The Goddess of Love and Beauty. Venus represents the cosmic principle of attraction through feminine magnetism.  Governs our values, the way we relate, our ability to give and receive love; share and our level of self-worth, self-value and self-love. Rules both Libra and Taurus. Anatomically Venus rules the throat, bodily sensations, the venous circulation and all inwardly directed impulses.


The Warrior:  Planet of war: Rules our ability to act assertively, independently and confidently. Themes:  Independence, assertiveness, aggression, rage, anger, frustrations, ability to act confidently, initiate new beginnings, “fire” up to confront our inner dragons. Rules the zodiacal sign of Aries. Anatomically, Mars rules the body’s build up and emission of heat, usually occurring through suppression of rage, frustration and anger.


The Prophet:  The largest planet in our solar system. Rules our ability to grow spiritually and expand our consciousness beyond current conditioned belief systems. It stimulates the mind, especially the right brain, into developing insight, inner vision, inner knowing and wisdom.  Themes and issues of self-belief, truth, ethics, religion and spirituality come under the Jupiter banner.  Rules the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius. Anatomically Jupiter rules the liver and hips. The spiritually evolved Jupiterian has the gift of prophecy, optimistic faith in nature’s abundance, inner vision, powerful intuition and great insight into Natural law.


The Lawgiver:  Lord of Karma and Time.  Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. Saturn solidifies structures, including structures of the mind.  Key words for themes:  Responsibility, duty, maturity, business, cold, icy, hard, limitations, conformity and the established order, punishment and fears. Rules the zodiacal sign of Capricorn. Anatomically, Saturn rules the body’s skeletal system.


The Wounded Healer.  Indicates our greatest psychological wound and how we can heal that wound through acquiring conscious self-awareness and self-knowledge. Rules the mutable signs of both Virgo and Sagittarius.


The Illuminator. Because of its eccentric orbit Uranus stands for all that is eccentric, original and unconventional. Imagine lightning flashes.  It is considered a “higher octave” to Mercury. It brings those brilliant flashes of insight that lead to new inventions. It seeks to overthrow Saturn’s established order. Themes:  Change, reform, revolution, separation, chaos, higher consciousness. Rules the zodiacal sign of Aquarius and anatomically, the electricity that surges through our brain and nervous system.


The Transcender. Lord of the Sea.  Metaphysically this sea is the reservoir of primal substance from which all forms are fashioned.  Neptune dissolves the scattered debris left over from Uranian upheavals.  Neptune shares dominion over the waters with the Moon.  Themes:  Deception, illusion, fantasy, surrender, idealism, compassion, confusion, overwhelm, victim status, sensitivity and suffering. Under Neptune’s energy humans can become immersed in a pea soup of their creation and the seeker must learn to navigate the surging sea of emotions and cosmic consciousness.  Rules Pisces and, anatomically with Pisces, the feet.


(Demoted by astronomers to a non-planet) Lord of the Underworld.  Pluto is considered a “higher octave” to Mars.  However, Mars projects energy outwards whereas Pluto penetrates into the depths of our subconscious acting somewhat like a smouldering volcano.  Imagine the phoenix rising out of the ashes of the former self. Pluto extracts the essence of outworn forms and transforms them. Themes: Self-destruction: death and rebirth, sex, power, money, regeneration, hidden agendas, dense intense and powerful emotions. Rules the zodiacal sign of Scorpio and the body’s eliminatory organs.