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The New Children of Light

By October 13, 2020No Comments

Humanity is experiencing a transformation into greater light, the light of self-awareness. This spiritual evolutionary phase will accelerate from 22nd December 2020 due to the release of higher vibrational Solar System energies. What are these cosmic currents, and how best can we manage them?

In astrological terms, transiting Saturn, (Lord of Time and Karma), and Jupiter, (spirituality, expansion, higher mind), will move from serious Capricorn to conjunct exactly at 0 degrees 29 mins Aquarius on 22nd December at 5.00 am (AEST).

“What does this mean?

“It’s time” (says Saturn) “for humanity to move forward into a different future, one free from old karma.”

Jupiter needs freedom. Spiritual advances can now go ahead in leaps and bounds, through broadening experiences and guidance from the higher, intuitive mind. It’s time to perceive the bigger picture behind human creation. It’s also time to listen, and pay attention to, the New Children of Light. These advanced children began incarnating at the turn of the century. Often referred to as the Rainbow Children, they are our future.

Electrical Aquarius, an air sign, governs higher consciousness and technology. Higher consciousness is a spiritual evolutionary technology. Cosmic Light is filled with the consciousness of Prime Creator. On the above date, a further seeding of higher consciousness (spiritualised light) will take place. Each individual will experience it differently. The light downloads may occur through group meditation, technological, archeological or medical discoveries that free people from existing structures. We have free will to work with the cosmic energies, or not. Because of the extra download of electricity, some electronic devices may not work.

A planetary conjunction has similar energy to a New Moon. It provides an opportunity to plant seeds of new ideas, perceptions and perspectives into the subconscious mind enabling forward movement into a progressive future. These seeds need gestating time. How long will this December 22nd 2020 Aquarian seed take to grow into its full flowering?

As I was pondering upon this question I received the words, “John the Baptist”. Huh? John was the herald who announced the coming of Jesus, the Christ. John’s spiritual work in the world was to baptise those who resonated with his truth as this helped prepare them for Jesus’ public ministry. Is this same theme to play out from this 22nd December 2020 planetary conjunction?  I wouldn’t have been given it if it wasn’t applicable.

Jesus’ public teachings began about two years after John began his baptisms. What is to take place approximately two years after the above conjunction? Transiting Pluto, governing the evolution of the soul, will also move into Aquarius – on 24th March 2023. By that time, the Way of Light will have been prepared by a modern “John the Baptist”, enabling Christ consciousness to awaken in the hearts and minds of the collective humanity. What coded secrets are to be revealed that will enable many beliefs to be overturned?

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (our subconscious realms), governs death and re-birth, and our soul’s evolutionary journey. Through Pluto transits, old ways of being and doing life are destroyed or transformed to enable higher perceptions and perspectives. Pluto will take its first step into a new world, the New Evolution, prepared by a ‘John the Baptist’ – who hears and follows the guidance of the heart and feelings of truth, and who has the courage to share the messages.

Reflect upon this: When transiting Pluto first made a foray into Capricorn on 27th January 2008, seeds were planted relative to the global financial collapse. Many dark secrets began to reveal. When Pluto fully entered Capricorn late November 2008 for its fourteen-year sojourn, the symbolic “death” of many global banks and other institutions occurred, some suffering a slow agonising ‘death’. Transformation was available, and many banks, businesses and other societal structures and systems realised they had to transform or “die”. And, there’s still more to come.

The technological world is revealing dark shadows for all to see. Conspiracy themes are now everyone’s business. Our human challenge is to feel truth, and act upon it. Once seen through the increasing light of self-awareness, shadows dissolve.

Aquarius is light- the light of higher consciousness.

Pluto, reveals himself to me as pure bright light, hidden underneath his black cloak of darkness. What a wonderful metaphor for the human condition. Under our ‘cloaks of darkness’ we are pure light. We are in charge of managing our minds. We can transform our inner focus from shadows into light. No longer need we fear the dark and its attempts to control and manipulate.

Aquarius governs revolution and rebellion; physical and personal “earthquakes”- the emotionally shattering situations that often create separation from love. Often revolution and rebellion are needed to break through psychological chains and societal structures that bind us to the old evolution. These structures originate in our minds and connect to past traumas.

In the time period between Jupiter and Saturn’s entry into Aquarius, and Pluto’s entry into the same sign, you will be given many opportunities to experience and to see the light of your own consciousness. This accelerated evolutionary growth process may or may not be pleasant.

You may have to change old beliefs, habits and thoughts that chain you to the past so you can break free into unknown territories of expression, under the guidance of your soul. Saturn, cosmic Timekeeper, says “This time is NOW. Do not waste energy on building formal structures; rather build a strong scaffolding system that enables spontaneous, and unique ideas and expression. Take your time to create a strong, concrete foundation from which to launch your brilliant, innovative and creative ideas into the New World, allowing your heart and spirit to guide the process. Pay attention to your intuition, a function of your higher mind, and allow yourself to play, and have fun with your creations. Be completely detached from any specific outcome.

Transforming opportunities can arise whereby you can alchemise the little ‘you’ into the greater, fully self-empowered and loving new ‘you’. The world needs your greatness – a self-empowered, light and love-filled soul-infused Rainbow Warrior of Light.

To some of the original people, (the Australian aboriginals), the event to take place on the December Solstice 2020 involves the Rainbow Serpent, their sacred Feminine Goddess. She is to build a rainbow bridge of light from our earthly dimension to that of a higher one.

Some are having a ceremony on December 21st to celebrate this event.

The Rainbow Serpent goddess symbolically birthed seeds of a new enlightened humanity on sacred land close by Uluru, around 7.45 am on 8th May 2001, under a Scorpio full Moon. Uranus and Neptune were then travelling through Aquarius.  And now, at the closing of a tumultuous Capricorn year, Saturn and Jupiter will enter Aquarius, while Pluto is preparing to do so on 25th March 2023.

Pluto will remain in Aquarius for twenty years. Our worlds will definitely change and transform, far more than we can imagine is possible. Technology will play its part, and we may experience many more earthquakes than normal. Evolution into higher consciousness is the name of Pluto’s game. Our outworn way of life will, of necessity, have to ‘die’ as the higher frequency of light reveals truths hidden for astrological Ages of time.

May the light of higher consciousness guide your way into a self-created future direction filled with joy and love.

Blessings and love,
10th October 2020