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The Effects of Food on Consciousness

By May 11, 2015January 18th, 2016No Comments

‘Let Food be Your Medicine and Your Medicine be your Food’

(Hippocrates, the Father of all Medicine)


We feel more integrated, whole and empowered with a deeper connection to life (the greater reality, GOD), higher perception, greater love, appreciation and compassion, kindness, awareness, centeredness, fulfilment, presence, greater service, greater vision, increased clarity, intuition and knowingness, peace, wisdom and expansiveness – freedom. Life naturally works better… you are in sync with the natural flow of things and the more you are in the natural flow the more ‘power’ you have. You are internally guided and not externally controlled by authority or addiction. Fear becomes virtually non-existent.
We affect the whole by our level of consciousness and our actions…. To raise ourselves can only serve to assist the people and the planet in their journey of evolution to freedom.


What is Food? Food is sustenance… but what is sustenance?
We feed on and are sustained by frequency (or vibration)… what is frequency?
Frequency is electrical information or intelligence … consciousness. We are electrical beings formed of frequency so we need frequencies that activate our own electrical system, to sustain us.
Electrical frequencies feed our field which feeds all bodies – from the outside and the inside.
Our bodies, minds and spirits form a unified field of conscious intelligence. Each cell, organ and system in the body has its own field of intelligence that is part of our overall consciousness.
We are either adding to or taking away from our intelligence/consciousness by the way we eat – the right frequencies directly affect how we move, think, perceive and feel.
So frequency is food for the body, mind and spirit which will either assist in raising or lowering our present level of consciousness. If you feed yourself dense food you will be heavy and dense, block your electrical current and have a low level of consciousness.
Food, or frequency is nutrition. What is nutrition?
Nut means light, and we are nourished by different forms of light – living food, air, water and sunshine, healing, colour, yoga and meditation, prayer and sound. In fact all frequencies are sound.
Low or dense frequency (acidic) nutrition prevents light from entering our bodies and are comforting and addictive – they keep us trapped in a low level of consciousness. The ego has cravings and satisfies itself with dense, comforting, addictive foods, music etc. Dense frequencies prevent us from tuning in to what we really need.
Cleansing and high frequency (alkaline) nutrition allows more light (life force) into our cells for our nourishment and leads us to a higher level of consciousness and aliveness, increased intuition and clarity, and therefore more freedom. Freedom relies on continual cleansing and nutrition on all levels. Purification and correct nutrition on all levels leads to a gradual raising of frequency and therefore consciousness, and a freeing up of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. So we need physical, mental and spiritual cleansing and nutrition.
In order to be fully alive, our body, mind and spirit can only utilise frequencies (food) it recognises as nourishment. The rest has to be released and if not released it will be stored in our system and turn toxic in some way, leading to suffering and or disease and a reduction in consciousness. If we are not sufficiently cleansed the light cannot penetrate and raise our consciousness. Our bodies are naturally ‘tuned’ to certain high frequencies or intelligence – if they are not given the correct food they don’t recognise the frequencies, and like cogs in a wheel – if the cogs (or frequencies) don’t fit, the wheel wobbles, slows, and eventually seizes unless it is thoroughly cleaned, oiled and maintained – allowing it to move freely.
If the sound, colour, air, food, water is discordant to us, the cogs or frequencies don’t fit.
What does our system recognise as nourishment?
Soothing, relaxing and or uplifting music, sound healing, meditation, sunshine, pure, fresh air, pure water, pure living plant based food, exercise, nature, beauty, uplifting colours, spiritual healing etc.
When you embark on this journey be aware that because you are using less dense foods, the emotions the dense food suppresses can and probably will… surface. Acknowledge and allow the emotional energy move through you without analysing, resisting or fighting it. It will pass. There are several modalities that can assist in the healing of emotion and psychological issues. Methods of relaxation will take you into the para-sympathetic nervous system which is where all healing takes place. (Please note that watching TV is not relaxation – it is numbing out and does nothing to connect mind body spirit as relaxation does). Meditation, sound, colour, light therapies, chiropractic and many others will help to loosen and release any resistant energy. Appreciation of what is, is a good start. Astrology is very effective in helping to recognise the issue you are working with, and guide you on the best way to clear it.
Karen Christie
April 2015


Why living plant based foods?
If we are to be fully connected to life and consciousness and sustain life within us, it makes sense that we need food with life force – living food. Dead, cooked, animal based, junk food and chemical additives either in the soil, on our bodies, during the growing period, or as pesticides – do not contain life or frequencies we can use and will clog up our bodies causing disease, affect our mental, emotional state, and level of consciousness. It will lower our frequency and inhibit growth.
Our bodies are 78% water and to have that water polluted is extremely detrimental on all levels. Pure alkaline ionised water is a must for cleansing and conduction of our electric current (energy). Around 8 glasses a day is optimal although if you don’t weigh a lot or eat a lot of raw food which contains pure alkaline water, you can reduce it
Without breath there is no life… modern day life can be stressful – stress creates acid in the body and causes us to breathe in a shallow manner – from the chest. Breathing from the chest causes more stress creating a vicious cycle. Deep breathing from the belly will make a deeper connection with life, reduce fear and oxygenate cells – cleansing the blood and helping to alkalise. Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung and meditation are great methods you can use to learn and reinforce a pattern of deep breathing. Relaxing your shoulders and having a good posture helps to lower and deepen the breath.
Food that is not clean or living is dense and causes calcification (seizure).
To decalcify we need to cleanse and add the correct form of calcium… formed from silica. Silica is present in superfoods and greens, and nettle and horsetail teas in prolific amounts and will build calcium that will build teeth, and bones and remove incorrect calcium caused from lack of movement, acidic foods and beverages, and calcium supplements.
The pineal or ‘master’ gland is where we connect with our higher self and when calcified our bodies become diseased, perception is limited, our evolution is slowed and our freedom restricted.
Resonance or vibration is electricity – the friction between copper and carbon produce it. In the body the brain, made of carbon and copper, is the organ that produces electricity (pineal gland – carbon and cerebral cortex – copper) and sends it down the nervous system to sustain us. We need food that will support the free flow of this electrical current.
If you are still utilising an animal based, junk food or predominately cooked way of eating – you may want to consider gradually upgrading to a more conscious alkaline food plan by slowly removing acids in the form of chemical laden food, sugar, (8 times more addictive than cocaine and confuses the hypothalamus gland leading to stress and dysfunction of our hormonal system and pituitary gland) alcohol, coffee, meat, processed food, hydrolysed oils and iodised table salt from your current diet and adding more fresh, organic living wholefoods – fruit, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, cold pressed oils, seaweeds, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, green smoothies and choosing sea, celtic, vegetable, rock or Himalayan crystal salt.
Many people think this type of eating is too expensive, but what is the cost of meat, alcohol, drugs, constant dining out, smoking etc? They are both more expensive AND more destructive. People chase the accumulation of money all their lives at the expense of their health and well-being, then spend it all and more trying to get their health back!!
From a predominately vegetarian diet we can then do a further upgrade to vegan and remove dairy and animal based fats and margarines. A further upgrade leads to a predominately raw vegan diet with only 20% of your food being cooked.
“The ultimate or superior (alkaline) food diet is a life changing regime consisting of 100% alkaline forming raw food. This is a major step toward achieving superior health, longevity and a sublime closeness to God” (Alkalise or Die)
‘Aliveness’ requires life force… real food. Tune in to the ‘life’ in raw foods – it is not enough to know intellectually – but can be ‘felt’ intuitively.


Goji Berries
Bee products (honey, propolis and royal jelly)
AFA blue green algae
Marine phytoplankton
Aloe vera
Coconuts and coconut products


Chaga—King of the medicinal mushrooms.

A word about calcium, acidity and calcification:

We live in a sea of electromagnetic radiation frequencies in our modern world. These frequencies prevent our bodies from manufacturing melatonin required for the creation of anti-oxidants – our defence against cancer. There are several products on the market currently that neutralise these detrimental frequencies, is it important to make sure you and your family are protected. These harmful frequencies are acidic and will help to calcify our bodies and in particular the pineal gland. Tart cherries assist in the formation of melatonin and if available, it is wise to consume them.

For 12 years the Americans exploded 2 nuclear bombs per day on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Can you imagine the amount of mercury that is now in our oceans and carried by currents to all parts of the world? If you eat ocean fish you are ingesting mercury – the most toxic substance known to man. Even in farmed fish heavy metals are present – lead, hormones, fluoride, amalgum etc. Heavy metals are also present in tap water, processed food, non-organic plant food and meat and dairy products.
So how do we deal with this problem? To cleanse the body of these toxins certain foods are necessary. Chlorella, Spirulina, MSM (plant based sulphur), spelt wheatgrass and turmeric will cleanse the blood of these toxic substances, and rebuild the cells. Chlorophyll, present in all green foods is plentiful in algaes, green vegetables, sprouts and grasses – it is the main ingredient needed in cleansing and rebuilding blood cells.

The Immune system is built in the gut… what breaks it down is exposure to fluoridated tap water, immunisation, exposure to pharmaceutical drugs, not enough sunshine, processed and acidic foods, caesarean birth where new born babies are not exposed to beneficial bacteria on travelling through the birth canal, formula, or babies fed on cow’s milk etc. In order to build a strong immune system to prevent allergies and diseases, it is essential to promote beneficial bacteria in the gut by cleansing and using a good organic probiotic powder (real food not synthetic), probiotic yoghurt, (preferably coconut), and or a fermented food such as sauerkraut.
Allergies stem from a weak immune system and unhealthy intestinal bacteria. If the colon is blocked (constipated) or acidic the blood becomes toxic – it is said the cause of all disease is constipation or blockage of the elimination of toxins and parasites – the digestive system needs to be healthy in order to have a healthy immune system to prevent disease. Therefore regular colon cleansing is also necessary – there are several methods used from colonics to enemas and colemas, zeolite, diamatious earth, bentonite clay & psyllium husk etc. The use of antibiotics in particular will lower the immune system even more. (antibiotics: anti – against; bio – life = ‘against life’).

Unless food is very slow cooked and not heated to over 50°C it will lose its enzymes and vital nutrients that affect white blood cells, interfering with their ability to produce stem cells which are necessary for building, healing and regenerating the body. We have a limited supply Enzymes – and if we don’t get them from the food we eat, we use up our own supply and shorten our lifespan.

Supplements do not work unless they are in the ‘real food’ category… in other words organic plant food that has been crushed or liquidated and retains nutrients in a concentrated natural form.

Cleansing (detoxing) is alkalising – living foods detox and feed the cells. Regular fasting is extremely important in any purification process.
The less you eat the longer you live – less food and higher nutrition – the body doesn’t need to work so hard.
Jesus, the Budha, Soccrates and many masters advocated the practice of fasting to increase and raise spiritual vibration. The more you fast and the higher the frequencies you ingest and absorb, the deeper the level of purification, and the higher the consciousness.

Liquid pre-digested living food delivers the nutrients straight into the bloodstream because of the living enzymes – which delivers them directly to where they need to go, making them more available and giving the digestion a well needed rest. Juices are necessary for cleansing of the whole system as is pure alkaline ion water.

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