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The Age of Aquarius

By September 30, 2016September 3rd, 2018No Comments

Humanity is experiencing a New Age – the Age of Aquarius. This new Age, which lasts for approxi­mately 2160 years, brings amazing technology, unbelievable futuristic concepts and contact with our extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters. During the change – over phase separation from old static, fixed concepts must take place to enable manifestation of an exciting and different new way of being.

The Age of Aquarius is also referred to as the Information Age, the Golden Age, and the Age of Light (i.e. the Light of higher consciousness). The electrical current of Aquarian energy impacts our brain and nervous system in such a way that the old way of being, based on Piscean Age consciousness, will be left behind. Aquarian frequencies aid our evolution of consciousness. Should we refuse to budge from old belief patterns then problems in life will manifest. Finances, relationships and health breakdowns can occur when old stuck energy experiences the electrical Aquarian force.

Children are being born now with a higher conscious understanding of themselves and their place in the Universe. Their veil between dimensions is thin and these children will guide and reshape our future. It’s wise to listen to what they have to say. UCLA, in California, did a study indicating how many tens of thousands of children being born now have a complete resistance to infectious diseases and have a different DNA structure to that of normal humans. (ref: Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Vol. 1. Drunvalo Melchizedek.)

This Aquarian wave of higher frequency energy is affecting everyone and the sooner we willingly address our psychological shadows by becoming conscious of them, the easier higher vibrational energies can be used constructively. Those who refuse to change self-sabotaging psychology will find life becoming increasingly difficult. When we learn to view our external reality as a reflection of our internal reality we can use this awareness to internally correct.

I use my Aquarian energy to write articles and books that activate readers into greater levels of self-awareness. Most experience ‘Ah-Ha’ realizations and gain conscious self-understanding. Once higher consciousness dawns then different, positive action can be taken, resulting in the creation of a fulfilled and happy life. This process may feel confronting at first because one needs to face one’s shadows, and take responsibility for them, however the benefits are so worthwhile. The feeling of freedom that results from doing deep inner work brings so much joy.  It is when we follow our soul’s guidance, always connected to our greatest good, that love of divinity develops. This is a pathway to peace and happiness.