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Sound Opens Portals Into Other Dimensions

By May 12, 2015No Comments

Chanting, especially sacred names such as OM, opens up portals into other dimensions and allows higher vibrational energies to be easily accessed.

Try it for yourself. Choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Relax and let go of external influences and any ego attachments to force and control. Make sure your spine is upright and straight. Focus on observing your natural breath. Practice 6 – 10 rounds of deep and slow abdominal breathing, bringing the breath up from the navel to your crown and down the spine to base as you count slowly from 1 to 6. Place your full attention on the breathing process. When you feel internally harmonized and connected to your heart, begin to tone OM and/or other sacred names. “Ahh” is a particularly beneficial sound to chant. You may begin to feel the vibrations in your throat, chest and other parts of the body. For example your palms, lips or crown of the head might begin to tingle. Continue in this way for as long as you want, witnessing yourself experiencing the vibrations, and then pause for prayer or meditation.

Should you do this spiritual practice at night just before you go to sleep, you are likely to experience a sound night’s sleep.

May 2015