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Solstice, June 2020 – Arcturus Transmissions

By June 21, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

As the healing light of self-awareness grows, we and other higher dimensional guides and teachers can reach you.  We cannot get through to minds filled with thoughts of fear and anxieties. Fears and anxieties create static energy blockages, and act like a fault in electrical wiring. A disconnection from the power source occurs.

Your internal power source is Spirit. This Eternal Presence activates your soul’s memories. Memories are created through experiences. When it’s time for memory emergence, a wake-up call to become self-aware occurs. It may not be pleasant. The more resistance, the greater is the awakening.

A connection to the source of power is needed – an internal reconnection to the Eternal Presence of Spirit.

The human mind can be likened to a computer. You enter life with an operating system containing your soul’s history. When its’ time to wake up to truth soul memories are activated. Deep emotions emerge and the thought programme behind them drive your actions. You drive your computer, and feed it with programmes of your choice. The computer cannot operate unless connected to a source of power. You must plug your computer into it. So it is, with the human mind.

When you become aware of the many programmes running your mind, and choose to only use the ones based on love, your health and life will improve. You are wired to wake up to truth, your soul’s truth. Negative, lower vibrational thoughts create short circuits – a disconnection from Source.

To train the mind to become self-aware takes desire, detached observation of thoughts, discipline and focus. When learned and practiced, it becomes a life-enhancer, and a life saver. It also creates feelings of peace and love, enabling you to reach your potential. It is the purpose of incarnation.

Maintaining connection to Eternal Presence while on this earth plane can be challenging. Brick walls of resistance can arise.These brick walls contain fear, judgements, criticisms and many other shadow emotions. When the source programme, the virus, is uncovered, realised and loved to death, the problem is corrected. Stress vanishes. Reconnection occurs. The light of self-realisation flows through the mental circuitry once more and feelings of peace, joy and love are created.

We are the Arcturians and we will come again.


In days to come, when the Eternal Presence within is acknowledged as the Source of light, a greater light will be seen and understood. Reclaiming the light within enables greater external light.

When human life began, there were two Suns. A calamity occurred and only one Sun lit up the sky. Shadow psychology took hold in human minds. Our message is clear. Shadow psychology contaminates, creating shadows. Light psychology creates light.

So simple.

Light psychology harmonises and stabilises the environment.


In times to come, when there is greater light in human minds, and love for the Divine Creative Force fills your hearts, a great peace will prevail. There will be the prophesised Golden Age of Peace. Mother Earth will again be honoured and respected for the role she plays in human evolution.

You are experiencing a transition phase, from the unconscious to super, or Christ consciousness state of being. You are developing self-awareness through self-realisation and acceptance of truth. Formerly hidden truths are revealing, emerging into the light of conscious self-awareness. As greater light fills your cells, your DNA changes. An unprecedented wave of light is bombarding your planet, aiding your awakening to truth. Each of you are so important to the Great Work in process.  We read your energy and rejoice when another light turns on.

You chose to incarnate at this propitious time, to join the party. You must admit that life is not boring. There is so much to learn, should you choose to do so.

To fulfil your potential, and create joy and peace requires love, the feelings of love. Love fuels the internal fire of Spirit. Love fuels bodily warmth. Love heals ailments. The frequency of love can be self-generated.


This morning our message is somewhat different. Love needs to spread. Giving love is the best gift you can give. Fill your hearts with love and give it freely. Others will feel it. So simple, yet so valuable. Practice giving love each day and observe how wonderful your day becomes.

Such a simple act, yet so fulfilling.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.

Love and blessings,