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Simple Guidelines for Living a Joyous and Happy life

By March 22, 2020No Comments
  • Learn to know that you are a unique spark of consciousness within the Prime Creator.
  • You are unique. Not one other person on this planet thinks or feels as you do. Learn to know yourself so you can appreciate your uniqueness. Find out what makes your heart and soul sing, and choose to act upon it. This will bring much joy into your life. While doing so, always keep in mind the bigger picture: – that you are much loved, created in love by Supreme Creator to create life as your heart intelligence dictates.
  • Love others equally to yourself. By doing so, you create internal balance and harmony. The vibrational nature of your love transmits to others. Serenity results.
  • Love your body – for the incredible work it has done, and is doing, to aid your evolution into higher consciousness. Your body is the barometer of your soul. Choose to love every aspect of it – and be grateful for all it teaches you about yourself.
  • Choose to release judgements of others; circumstances, events and of yourself, no matter how challenging this may be. Make it a goal. By holding on to these shadows their dense vibration internally compounds, eventually causing dis-harmony and dis-ease.
  • Refuse to occupy your mind with the negativities of the world, knowing they will lower your vibration. Join with millions of others around the globe to focus on creating a grand New Age of Aquarius – an Age of Enlightenment where love and gratitude of, and for, your Creator’s gift of life abounds.
  • Simplify your life – and spend lots of time in nature. Learn to appreciate and value Natural Law.
  • Daily, practice sincere gratitude for all you have, and have experienced. And for all you have learned about yourself from your life experiences. Sincere gratitude, and divine love, is the fuel that raises your vibration.
  • Choose heart intelligence over mind conditioning.
  • Life is about learning. Choose to continue to do so. Follow the joyful promptings of your heart to discover your next learning.
  • Choose expansion over containment. Containment is based on fear.
  • Whenever you have self-realisations that create shame, guilt or self-judgements, accept that you did your best you could with what you knew at the time – and forgive yourself for your lack of rightful understanding.