Soul Healing Sessions Through Psychological Astrology




Once you pay for the session you must fill in a detailed form. You can find the link to this form in your invoice.  When the form is complete Ashtara will contact you to schedule your healing session via email. 

Beyond the psychological process where shadows cover a loving heart and soul is the state of being joy. Consciously connected to the Christ Light within, and allowing joy to guide each forward step is the path ahead.

Able to see clearly the root cause of psychological issues and provide simple solutions, Ashtara offers personal guidance and support sessions to those in need.

Each session is unique to the individual. As an example, some may bring up ancient memories connected to past lives: others may require healing through sound vibrations, others may require astrological guidance and support.

To aid successful session outcome, you need to take personal responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and perceptions and be willing to grow into greater self-awareness. You may be provided with appropriate exercises and homework to assist your journey to higher consciousness.

Sessions can be experienced via phone, Zoom, or physically face to face. Ashtara looks forward to guiding and supporting you into greater love and Light. To do so, she needs your date, time and place of birth in order to create your birth chart. She will work with your chart prior to the session so she can be of greater service.

To book and pay for a session, a form will be provided following payment of $150. The link to the form is provided on your invoice. When the form is complete it will be sent to Ashtara who will then contact you by email to schedule your session.

Thank you so much for that powerful and I emphasise powerful session. Loved it to bits. It gave me the strength to dump a big load yesterday and a bigger one this morning. You are such an amazing catalyst for growth.

Astrology is beginning to gel in my mind as a coherent pattern of complex energies that circle around the self. I appreciate your guidance and patience. On a deeper level, after a personal encounter you often act as a catalyst for a momentous change in my perceptions, fostered by not what you do but :who you are, for which I am always grateful.


Dearest Ashtara,
Please accept my deep gratitude that I have in my heart for meeting you and having you as my teacher! Connecting to the gratitude brings tears to my eyes…and the love for all humanity….when I look back to think that I nearly didn’t make it, and for so long lived in such long self -imposed hell….so grateful now.
Love you so much