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Ashtara (Dip Astro FAA.APA)

Do you need a mentor, spiritual guide or catalyst? Ashtara provides a Skype and physical guidance service that facilitates holistic fitness. She assists you to identify, and resolve, psychological issues so that you experience:

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Internal harmony
  • Inspired new perspectives
  • Broader self-understanding
  • Clarity of mind
  • Lightness of spirit
  • What this means can include:
  • Clarity of direction involving your work, vocation, career and relationships
  • The development of meaning and purpose to your life experiences and ways to resolve challenges
  • Increased faith, trust and intuitive knowing. This aids you in making better decisions and experiencing positive outcomes.

As a professional evolutionary astrologer Ashtara has been trained to read birth charts and to identify inherited, and often unconscious, habitual psychological patterns that often develop into life problems. Your birth chart is your unique blueprint, revealing strengths, weaknesses and potential. It shows your well-developed talents as well as ingrained psychological issues.

Psychological fitness is necessary for optimum physical health and sustained success in all fields of endeavour. Spiritual fitness is the result of life-enhancing spiritual practices and beliefs that enable union of body, mind and spirit. A spiritual perspective gives meaning and purpose to life, engenders faith and leads to enlightened consciousness, divine love and spiritual ascension.

Should you have internal issues that block enlightened consciousness and create external problems such as:

  • Difficulty in truthfully relating
  • Are unsure of your direction
  • Work issues
  • Money problems
  • Health issues
  • Allow fears and limitations to govern your life

Ashtara can support and guide you to work through them.  All she asks is that you are willing to take responsibility for having created them.

Sessions costs are:

  • 1) Sixty minutes birth chart and transit reading – by phone or Skype – $130.00
  • 2) Ninety minutes birth chart and transit reading plus spiritual and astrological guidance– via Skype or physically face-to-face – – $180.00
  • 3) Two – hour chart and transit reading, spiritual and astrological guidance, counselling and Solar Return Report – via Skype or physically face to face – $240.00. (This session provides a radical healing opportunity to become conscious of, and shift, your deepest psychological blockages and the limiting beliefs creating self-sabotage. An initial email correspondence examines life challenges and issues indicated in your birth chart, and those ready to be addressed.)

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The information you have given me is difficult to put a price on as really its value is beyond anything I could pay”.

Patricia Van– Brisbane 28/1/14

“If you are doing it tough in your life, simply want to know more about your true and authentic self, or would like to start to see the wood from the trees, then Ashtara will assist you. She is a gifted guide, very clear and concise, and has a beautiful kind and loving manner in caring for others”.

Shane Ellis,
Gold Coast. Qld.

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