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Written at the request of The Tibetan, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Arcturus Astrology is an illuminating autobiography. A compelling story and the third of a trilogy, the books emerged through the author’s constantly repeated question asked of her spiritual guides, “What is the cosmic system that governs human evolutionary development when we have worked through the psychological issues depicted in our birth charts?”

Taken up through the higher heavens to Arcturus by archangels Gabriel and Uriel, Ashtara was trained to view and experience an astrology system that operates as a galactic programming centre of Light. Her training, given by the Arcturians, took place at a board-room table. In simple words Ashtara describes her training. She makes practical sense of the realities experienced and, in so doing, reveals hidden truths that only a few rare individuals seek, find and communicate to others.

Awakening the reader to realities beyond the third dimensional plane, Ashtara demonstrates the value of turning the searchlight of one’s consciousness inward, and of using every life event to expand consciousness. She experienced love from the highest levels penetrating the zodiac and planetary veils to refashion new worlds and was shown how Divine Love is the substance of cosmic Light.

A unique love story, Arcturus Astrology goes beyond the 3D plane to that of higher dimensional realms. Beyond the psychological process of human development is a cosmic Light system based on Prime Creator’s infinite love for all creation.

Arcturus Astrology is a road map to higher consciousness and can open the door of your heart to the experience of Divine Love. It describes a new cosmology of consciousness where spiritual and scientific understanding converge. It also acts as a guide and stepping stone to galactic consciousness. To read Arcturus Astrology is to be part of the consciousness evolution.

Hello Ashtara,
I wish to thank you again for writing Arcturus Astrology. I believe that this read is genuine medicine for the soul. In today’s world of fear and confusion, many souls feel lost and sick at heart. The courage and determination you have demonstrated in writing this book, as well as the information you give, are a healing recipe for soul
transformation. I have begun re-reading ” I am an experiment”, as I will now read your trilogy in sequence. I believe that this will be most beneficial for my spiritual evolution, as such information needs to be digested slowly to gain maximum nourishment.

Ian Davies Qld

As I absorb Arcturus Astrology it invites me to delve deeper into myself. Thank you Ashtara for your perseverance with the production of this amazing, mind altering, accelerating book. It throbs with vibrations of love and Light,
just as the cover image denotes.

Barbara Downs. NSW

Have just finished reading your amazing book, Arcturus Astrology. And what a journey. The simplicity of the message and the ease in resonating with the wonders of a Love process are truly inspiring and fulfilling. Thank you for your courageous telling of your journeys.
Now I feel I can open the book at any page any time and apply that message to my daily journey.

Much Love to you,
Edward Bernard

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