Awaken Star Seeds – A 2023 spiritually advanced Arcturus Astrology course




It’s time to remember your Soul’s Star of Origin. The indescribable love and joy experienced through a conscious reconnection to your star of origin will profoundly affect your life. Ashtara will prepare you for initiation.

Both physical and on-line, this experiential course is aimed at those dedicated to evolving into higher levels of consciousness in service to the Light.

2023 Physical Attendance Dates:
10 x 1-day once a month workshops: Saturday, 4 February 2023, 4 March; 1 April; 6 May;
3 June, 1 July; 5 August; 2 September; 7 October; 4 November.
Classes begin at 9.00 am and end at 4.00pm each day.
Where: Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

2023 ON-LINE Zoom Meetings :
A series of 20 classes, once a fortnight, on Thursday evenings at 5.00pm AEST, beginning 9 February 2023.

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