The Esoteric Sciences

All books by Alice A. Bailey- my favourites are:

The Soul – A Compilation
The Consciousness of an Atom
The Reappearance of The Christ
Esoteric Astrology
Esoteric Psychology 1
Esoteric Psychology 11
Esoteric Healing
From Intellect to Intuition
Education in the New Age
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

The Secret Doctrine – H. P. Blavatsky
Isis Unveiled – H.P Blavatsky
Truth is a Pathless Land – A journey with KRISHNAMURTI – Ingram Smith
Other Krishnamurti books
The Keys of Enoch – J.J. Hurtak
The Secret Teaching of Plants- Stephen Harrod Buhner

Numerology – The Divine Triangle – Faith Javanne & Dusty Bunker

And any others you feel, within your heart and soul, attracted to.


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