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By November 26, 2018July 30th, 2020No Comments

As the light of consciousness began to change the brains of humans an even greater light swept over the planet. Mother Earth rejoiced. No longer would there be harm done to her. Fully conscious people do not damage their home.

However, the dark players were becoming hungry.  No longer could they feed off human negativity. They increased their efforts to dominate and control the population of earth, using fear tactics. Fear spreads, and can be felt by those sensitive to energy. The wise ones stopped using devices that broadcast fear and divided the people. In one country the fear became so palpable it divided families. Passions were aroused and tempers flared as politics divided nations, friends and workmates, as well as families.  Deep unrest leads to even more heightened emotions. It appeared as though countries were preparing for war. The media moguls delighted in the success of their power and greed agendas. Those gullible were easily fooled.

Unrest feeds even greater unrest. And yet the tidal wave of light persisted. People from all walks of life awakened to truth and changed their lives accordingly. Many chose a country life away from the hysteric hype of the polluted cities. Yet the polarisation continues.

Humans have the free will to choose their own fate although those sleeping may be unaware of this choice. We in the higher realms do our best to awaken those still sleeping and these numbers are growing. Will the human collective mind choose peace or war, unity or polarisation? The light persists.

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