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Pluto Direct 6 October 2021

By October 4, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

October is quite a busy month astrologically. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all change their direction of motion from retrograde to direct. Bear in mind this is from our perspective on Earth. If we lived on the Sun the planets would not appear to change direction. How we view life depends upon our perception. I’ll write about Pluto this week because its the first one of the three to change motion.

On the 6th October, Pluto, the planet connected to personal and collective transformation, turns direct. It began it’s retrograde motion on April 27th this year. Since then the issues connected to power, finances, sex, shared resources such as values and finances, death and re-birth have been ‘in our face’, especially our values. You may like to reflect upon what was taking place in your thoughts and in your life before the end of April this year that may have come to a stand still because a gestation period was needed. The project, or plans needed to be re-vised, re-assessed or re-programmed before they could be implemented. This is how a planetary retrograde motion can be experienced.

Pluto also rules manipulation and under-hand agendas. There are many available in our world today if we choose to pay them attention. Pluto can take us down into a dark underworld if we choose to focus our thoughts on dark agendas. Many of our subconscious motivations emerge when we experience a Pluto transit to a placement in our birth chart. This is when we can experience the dark night of the soul. The psychological issues and themes that emerge from the subconscious realms connect to the zodiacal sign and the house (area of life) in your birth chart being activated by Pluto’s energy.

The sign Pluto is currently activating is Capricorn. Pluto began its journey through Capricorn on 27th November 2008. This was the month of the global financial collapse. Capricorn relates to fear, societal programming, governments, stern and strict rules and regulations. Think of a headmaster. Or a stern parent. Often we feared them. However, they did their best to ensure we ‘stepped up to the mark’ to learn our life lessons, and develop our own perspectives. No one else can do this for us. The experiences may not have been pleasant at the time, however, in hindsight, we can can learn to see the value inherent in their teachings.

You may like to ask yourselves the following questions: What lessons have I learned about myself since November 2008? How much deep inner reflection have I taken? What actions have I taken since April 2021 to develop greater self-empowerment through self-awareness? What manipulative agendas have I focused upon? By focusing on them have I felt empowered or disempowered, joyful or fearful?

We can also easily develop ‘stinking thinking’ under a Pluto transit to a birth chart placement. It can feel as if love disappears out the window. It’s our personal task to ensure we follow the path of self-empowerment and not allow any Capricorn authority figure take us down into their rabbit hole. We can be our own authority, and I challenge you to be so. Follow the path of love and joy, and your own creative pursuits. Become an empowered authority in this field, and your experience of Pluto will transform your life for the better. You will experience a re-birth into a more fulfilled you.

I’ve learned to respect and value Pluto’s energy, having experienced it many times over my long life. I could write pages on my ‘crucifixion and resurrection’ Plutonic experiences, and probably will in another book. I’ve also learned to understand and appreciate the esoteric perspective on astrology, and that is the planets, as living evolving entities, have a ‘job’ to do, and that is to activate human souls into remembrance of truth.

Through learning to work with astrology, the soul’s ‘awakening to truth’ process becomes easier.