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A Sacred Circle Dance received from the Celestial Realms by the
Bulgarian Spiritual Master Peter Deunov (1864-1944)

In his words: “Paneurythmy brings life, power, joy and beauty to the human soul”

Symbolising the great circle of life, Paneurythmy, when danced in a group with loving intent and focused attention, enables rejuvenation of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The inspirational music and the unified group energy is consciously exchanged between heaven, earth and the dancers, connecting hearts and souls.

No expertise is needed to dance, only the deep desire to reconnect with the experience of peace, harmony, truth and divine love. Be prepared to experience spiritual joy as soul memories can awaken when dancing.

In 1995 Ashtara travelled to Bulgaria to learn the dance where it is practiced every year in the Rila Mountains. For the next 14 years she led group dancing at global spiritual festivals and private venues. For nine years she also organised and led group tours to global sacred sites where her different groups danced at specific energy centres. It is time for her to resume teaching the dance and she warmly welcomes all interested. Danced outside in nature, the love and joy vibration created through dancing the twenty-eight sequential and meaningful exercises acts as a healing agent to all participants. The frequency generated is consciously shared with Mother Earth.

As in previous years, Ashtara is prepared to travel to wherever spiritual groups are gathered to aid group unification and healing. She requires only that comfortable travel, accommodation and food expenses be provided. Her teaching comes from a place of love and joy and her greatest desire is to utilise her gifts in service to humanity and our precious planet.

Ashtara considers Paneurythmy Sacred Circle Dance a Pathway to Peace

Time and venue TBA, Please feel free to contact Ashtara through the form if you need any further information.

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