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Our Future is What we Make it – An Astrological perspective on the world of 2020

By March 22, 2020No Comments

According to evolutionary astrologer and author, Jeffrey Wolf Green, many thousands of years ago, during times of the matriarchy, Nature was revered, as was natural law. Men and women were considered equal, each with their own roles. Domination by one gender over the other was unheard of. There are no historical facts recording wars, sexual violations, religious or political control during the matriarchy.

Times changed when men realised they played an equal role in conceiving a child. A slow transition from the matriarchy to patriarchal domination began. This transition commenced during the Capricorn sub-age of the Cancer Age. Progressively, natural law and natural living gave way to man-made beliefs, contradictory to natural law. This gradual process led to an imbalance between humans and Nature. This imbalance has reached a stage where mutated viruses and bacteria have become life-threatening.

At the time of writing there are four planets transiting through the earth sign of Capricorn, symbolising the patriarchy. Pluto (the evolution of the soul); Saturn (Lord of Karma – i.e. the Universal Law of cause and effect), Jupiter (Natural Law, beliefs and truth) and Mars (god of war connected to red, angry rashes, inflammation and infections). Transiting Saturn is hovering on the Aquarius (freedom, space, ‘observer’ consciousness) cusp and will be for much of 2020. Many people will become unsettled through lack of self awareness. As the Saturn-Aquarian influence gathers strength, from December 17th 2020 to March 8th 2023, it may be the time for others to receive illuminating information from their star brothers and sisters. Those in the higher dimensional realms can only access us when our hearts and minds  are at peace, and it is the cosmic timing to do so.

When Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008, some of the major world banks collapsed and the global financial crisis began. In 2020, the same thing appears to be happening again. The Pluto process is relative to destruction, death, resurrection and renewal – the evolutionary process. The Pluto process applies to our personal psychology as well as to global events.

The Age of Aquarius – a 2,500 years evolutionary process – is underway. Massive changes to individuals and to our planet are happening, and will continue. The necessary evolutionary adjustments can take time, depending upon the collective’s level of consciousness. This is rising as more individuals become self-aware and willingly let go of the societal, cultural and parental beliefs that kept them chained in rigid and fear-based mind sets. Waking up to personal truth follows. The next step is to willingly be, and live, your truth without forcing it onto others.

But how long will it take to cease wars and violence and learn to respect and value Nature? Evolutionary necessity is a “wake-up” call to do so, for both individuals and the collective.

Early 2020: a new infectious virus explodes upon our planet, shaking the global population from its complacency. Will it become airborne, able to spread through the atmosphere we all share, and have polluted?  Atmospheric pollution is Pluto’s territory. Is this the “wake-up” call we need to pay greater attention to our personal psychology, and to Gaia, Mother Nature, who nourishes, sustains, feeds and houses us?

Transiting Uranus (electrical energy; liberator of pre-existing conditions; revolution in human consciousness), now moving through Taurus (an earth sign connected with survival), is doing its bit to reconcile Nature’s imbalances created through distorted human beliefs (Jupiter). This distortion is easily seen in our external reality. To correct distortions, a cataclysmic shock (Uranus) often needs to occur.

On an individual level, the Uranus “wake-up” process often occurs during marriage break-ups, accidents, traumas and shocks of all kinds. The Uranus call to higher consciousness occurs on the collective level when cataclysmic global events occur to shake us up to the realisation of truth. When transiting Uranus last entered Taurus (March 1935) a cataclysmic event, the Great Global Depression, began and lasted until the end of the 1930’s. At that time, transiting Pluto was in Cancer, the opposing sign to where it is now. Our life lessons repeat until we finally comprehend the light of truth.

It is my prayer that you choose to wake-up and attune to your higher inner guidance for personal truth. And, that you each make the choice to align yourselves to Gaia, our precious mother earth, and learn to love, respect and value her for all she provides to you, and to every living creature.

Many blessings and much love,

March 2020

Ref:  Pluto, The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships
Jeffrey Wolf Green