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Numerology for 2021

By December 31, 2020No Comments

The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote at the beginning of 2020. I think you will agree that we experienced a year where the key words below, and their meanings, needed to be diligently applied. Many of us experienced work and financial challenges, with the necessity to build as best a life as we could considering COVID-19. We had to be practical.

Numerology for 2020.  Add the single digits together = 4.

As a temporary, one year only, vibration number Four key words and themes are much the same as the astrology for this year as: Work; finances, building, practicality.

The number 4 brings the need to define and order things. Measure, classify, record, regulate and compose yourself, as well as your affairs and environment. It’s a practical vibration. It’s a productive period in which the creative drive needs to be managed, and purposefully directed. Money and finances are part of this vibration so set up a budget and pay debts on all levels – materially, physically, mentally and spiritually. Previously hidden aspects of the past may reveal, which allow you to correct faulty judgements. Number four offers a door of opportunity which you can pass through into a new life”.


This 2021 year will feel like a relief – however, be prepared to change your perceptions and perspectives.

2+0+2+1 = 5.

Keywords: versatility, change, resourcefulness, adaptability, activity, adventure and travel.

The number 5 connects to change, communication, versatility and freedom. Governed by Mercury, the cosmic messenger, and the letter E in our western alphabet, we will experience constant activity and be given many opportunities to change. Travel is certainly indicated.

If unable to travel in the physical, you will want to do so mentally. You may feel a desire to study a subject that resonates with your soul, and that provides meaning to your life. Mental development is a Mercurial theme. The letter E also connects to health.

When the heart feels love, and the freedom to creatively express, good health results.

Any feelings of impulsiveness need to be consciously observed, and wisely managed.

Number 5 can be considered a pivotal year in the numerological nine-year cycle. Five can indicate two paths, and therefore can be a life turning point. Rigid plans are likely to be altered. It’s important to feel free to meet the experiences of this year, because unexpected events can bring unprecedented change.

This theme connects to the major astrological transits, written about in a separate article, as Saturn and Jupiter both travel through the sign of Aquarius‘click here’

Aquarius desires freedom from societal restraints and will seek to find it this year.  Mother Earth feels the need for freedom from pollution, and may create more earthquakes than usual.

It is a good year to promote yourself. Your product and business can be combined with social activities, with beneficial results. In this year of 2021, it would be wise to realise that superficial interactions will no longer serve your spiritual growth because they can become distractions from your soul’s work in the world.

It is your soul’s need for growth and change that is the incarnational driving force. 2021 is a year when you can make the changes.

The zodiacal sign relating to the number 5 is Taurus, seemingly an unlikely partner to Mercury. Taurus, being the first earth sign, brings stability, resourcefulness and calm deliberation to Mercury’s messages. Taurus will feel into the truth behind the information, sense its’ relevance, and then act upon intuitive guidance in a leisurely manner.

Intelligence, through feeling and sensing truth, will definitely be needed throughout this year, especially as we will be fed a great deal of unusual, and possibly shocking, information.

In the Tarot, Key 5 is The Hierophant, our inner teacher connected to our inner hearing and inner tuition (intuition).

When our conscious mind gathers facts and feeds them to our subconscious mind, our soul acts upon this information, and, in a flash of intuition, sends the analysis back to the conscious mind. This is true intuition. Throughout 2021, it’s especially important to pay attention to your intuition, and to your body’s senses and feelings, allowing them to guide rather than our programmed and conditioned mind.

The Hierophant also connects to the five senses; the seven energy centres (chakras) in the human body, and to the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious mind. In the Tarot’s symbolic pictograph, the Hierophant holds a staff, with a knob on the top. The staff and the knob indicate the Hierophant’s connection to God/Goddess/All That Is. The crown he wears, and his staff, also represent the four worlds – archetypal, creative, formative and material.


A Relative Record Keeper Transmission.

“Change is a constant in all walks of life. Death is also a constant. Every living creature has a life span, and a purpose for being. The human being was given the gift of mind. Daily, your scientists are making discoveries about mind mechanics. What is mind? Is it the brain?
.. …  Every human brain is pre-programmed with memories of their soul’s experiences. Each programme is different. No two experiences are the same. Two children born to the same parents experience their parents differently. Similarly, no two brains are the same. The memories stored are unique to each individual. No two minds think alike.

Like your computer or smart phone, you have free will to download new software or applications of your choice. The increasing amount of information readily available is simply an out-picturing of the human brain’s activity and capability.

Sometimes a computer freezes because of electronic overload, as does the human brain.

The overload is connected to deep emotional memories emerging into conscious awareness. You have the capacity to download the information contained in the emotional memory package, or not. It is an awareness choice. Should you make the choice to “see the light”, to become aware and to take responsible action on the revealed information, your life will change, and your brain computer will function more effectively with the upgrade – the infusion of greater light of self-realisation. Health will improve.

We speak plainly in word pictures to enable comprehension.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.” 

Summation:  Your soul desires freedom on all planes of existence; physically, mentally and spiritually, so that the more adventurous side of your nature can express. It would be wise to socialise with individuals who have a broader understanding of life so that your current perspective can be enhanced. It would also be wise to develop your mind through study or travel to foreign places. Communicating truthfully and effectively from your heart with others will also greatly assist your life’s journey.

Your mind is a great resource and needs to be utilised to its fullest extent. Why not challenge yourself to do so this year?

1st January 2021

(Ref: Numerology and The Divine Triangle,
by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker)