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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid April 2024 2 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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13 April 2024

As our scribe noticed on her recent city visit, there is more darkness in the cities than in country areas surrounded by nature. A frenetic energy exists in most cities caused by frenetic human thought and behaviour. It can be challenging to maintain the mind in a state of calm in this environment. It can be done.

We observed the lowering of our scribe’s vibration as she endeavoured to manage her energy levels. It takes awareness and focus.

Frenetic energy blocks the light of our Creator’s love. A simple but true statement. It would be advantageous for you to become aware and make whatever changes are necessary.


18th April 2024

The time has come to make the choice between living in the Light or the dark of materialism. Huge changes are forthcoming as never before seen on your planet. As our scribe wrote at the beginning of the year, 2024 numerically is a number 8 year. Each number contains a vibration. Number 8 is connected to power. Many seek to use it to over-power and control others. Others use it to share their love. Love is the greatest of all power when consciously used to aid the greater good on your planet and its inhabitants.

To use your energy of power in its highest form, spiritual will needs to be developed – one pointed spiritual will. Do you have the spiritual will and one pointed focus to live your lives through the power of love?

We are the Record Keepers and will come again.



In times to come you will look back on this year of 2024 and realise what a turning point it was for you. So many more people are awakening to the Christ Light within them and wondering what to make of it. It is this life-changing moment that ignites their search for change. Their inner Light switches on. The planetary conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus is one such activating cause.

We congratulate our scribe for the part she played in this activation.

We are the Record Keepers and will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,