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Mid September 2022 Record Keepers

By September 13, 2022No Comments

Our message today is one of hope. For far too long humans have been ignorant – unconscious of the subtle manipulation and control taking place in all areas of life on Earth. It is as it is. This is changing, according to cosmic design. The higher frequencies now bombarding your planet and all life upon it will continue. It cannot be otherwise. Those souls pre-programmed prior to birth and entry into the Earth plane are waking up to truth, not only of themselves but to the manner in which a few are controlling the many. This will continue. As it was in past civilisations on Earth, so it is again.

Societal collapse is in effect in order for the birthing of a more harmonious world. Each individual has the opportunity to become self-aware. By so doing, the truth will become obvious. Our hope is based on our observation of an increased number of your race waking up from the deep sleep of ignorance to the awareness of life as a soul resident within a human body. The purpose of incarnation by the soul is to animate the personality into this realisation.

Many will continue to sleep. Those awakened souls need to accept this fact. There is a rift between those sleeping and the awakened ones that will continue to widen. Two worlds will co-exist in the same space. This process is natural. Developing self-awareness is a journey into love – a love so sublime it awakens ancient soul memories. These memories contain experiences in other lives, not only those on the Earth plane.

It is only through the magnetics of the feminine vibration within all souls that the gifts and talents associated with these soul memories can be accessed. Rationality plays no part in this process.

Each soul, at whatever level of development, is connected by an invisible thread to the Source of All Creation, referred to by many as God. This word has a masculine connotation. Others refer to this Supreme energy as Goddess. It is as it is. Words have such power to heal or to harm.

The Creative Source of All That Is is a force of such magnitude it cannot be described in words. It can be felt. Purity of the love vibration heals all it touches and is available to all who seek and is experienced as bliss. The soul rejoices. The Light of Source penetrates into formerly dark spaces changing the human DNA. Seeking to consciously embody this divine subtle Light is the work of the soul.

We are the Record Keepers and will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,