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Mid September 2022 2 Astrology News

By September 19, 2022No Comments

September 2022 – Retrograde Planets and Cycles

Currently, from our perspective on Earth, there are six planets travelling in retrograde motion as:
Mercury – 5 degrees Libra 54 mins
Jupiter – 4 degrees Aries 51 mins
Saturn – 19 degrees Aquarius 34 mins
Uranus – 18 degrees Taurus 40 mins
Neptune – 23 degrees Pisces 59 mins
Pluto – 26 degrees Capricorn 31 mins

What does this mean?

Retrograde planets open us up to a deeper understanding of our individuality. We are each magnets, attracting cosmic energies according to the nature of our thoughts. We absorb and assimilate cosmic energy to help us to understand our purpose for being. We also radiate energy. The planets do the same. They attract energy from other solar systems and stars and radiate it to us on Earth, and to all other planets in our Solar System.

During a planetary retrograde period we are given opportunities to become aware of ourselves repeating past scenarios. We can feel ‘out of time’, out of tune and misunderstood. We can also feel as if we’re in a time warp unconsciously regressing to times past. Tending to repeat old patterns, we unconsciously revert to the known, usually dysfunctional behaviour. In the most positive, we can also resurrect old behavioural patterns whereby we experienced joy.

Retrograde planets in a birth chart can be indicative of karma whereby our soul attempts to resolve unfinished business from the past. This unfinished business can be joyful or otherwise. It will be part of the soul’s purpose for incarnation. Because of the number of planets in retrograde motion now many people will be unconsciously playing the ‘repeat’ game of life.

I’ll share a personal experience – relative to a planetary cycle of time and the planetary retrogrades . The planetary cycles govern our lives whether aware of them or not. When aware, we can work with their cycles and energies.

In 1998 I began teaching the sacred circle dance, Paneurythmy. Why? As with all my teaching – simply because people asked me to. I practiced at home, in my garden. I loved the music, the movements and the philosophy behind the dance. That was 24 years ago. Two full Jupiter cycles.

I taught Paneurythmy for 12 years (one Jupiter cycle) – travelling globally and nationally to do so. Then the energy to dance stopped. “Where has it gone? Why has it gone? Why?” I asked myself for years – finally accepted that the energy didn’t feel right to do so, and then let the questioning go. “No point in forcing myself to dance coz force doesn’t work” I told myself. Twelve years passed. I forgot about the dance, focusing instead on other fulfilling work.

When transiting Jupiter moved into Aries in May 2022, the energy to dance Paneurythmy came back. “I’ll wait” I thought – “it might be a fleeting moment of hope!” And then, under clear and direct telepathic guidance, I moved house and location, being clearly directed to the property I purchased in Maleny, SE Qld. My resistance to moving house was strong until I realised it was part of a higher plan that involved the resurrection of Paneurythmy.

And now, with Retrograde Jupiter in Aries again conjuncting my natal Saturn in Aries in 5th house, the energy to dance and teach Paneurythmy is back. Joyful karma is to be repaid through sharing this heart-opening dance.

The purpose of all my teaching has been and still is to awaken as many people as I can to know themselves, so they can experience and know for sure they are an integral part of the internal Divine Presence. This is a felt experience. Unity, bliss, joy and connection to our Creator takes place as we know we are never alone, and are guided from within. All we need do is trust, open our hearts to the ever-present divine love within our souls and live our lives according to its fullest expression, which is love. I’ve used astrology and Paneurythmy as teaching tools. They energetically, through cosmic design, connect to each other.

At this time with the six planets above, and the North Node in Taurus in retrograde motion I recommend you give yourselves plenty of time and solitude for reflection. Reflect upon your times of joy when you felt the most alive, vibrant and connected to your creative essence, and decide to do more of it. Observe how your bodies become healthier as you do.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,