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Mid September 2021 2 Pleiadian Transmissions

By September 20, 2021No Comments

“Thank you for hearing our call.

In times to come you will reflect on this time as one of separation. A separation between truth and fantasy. Fantasy can be considered illusionary. Truth leads to freedom.

When truth emerges, as it will, many people will be angry. The anger will be directed at themselves for believing in an illusion.

The purpose of human life on Earth is evolution. This process is accelerating. You are evolving into greater light and the realisation of the part you play in this process. Each of you has an important contribution to make within the whole evolutionary design. The way to access your unique contribution is through feelings of joy.

Conditioned thought can quash these feelings if you allow it to. Conditioned thought, usually of limitation, can be likened to a disharmonious note played on a musical instrument.
Each instrument played in an orchestra needs to resonate with all the others otherwise disharmony results. Much practice is needed to tune up the instrument and learn to play it before it can be played harmoniously. Each note can be felt as a vibration.

It is the same with the human mind. Every individual has seeded within them a unique instrument that, when played with feelings of love and delight, contributes to the whole orchestra of sound vibration.

The thought vibrations you emit travel, contributing to the whole.

We ask you to embrace this concept and to practice playing your instrument, your mind, with love and joy in your heart . Your contribution is invaluable.

We will come again”.



“We come to you today with another message of hope. The world as you now experience it has been created by unconscious thought. Stored within the subconscious mind of individuals is history. This history concerns soul activity. Your souls experience during countless lifetimes acts as a motivational force within your daily lives. Most people are unaware of this. They are unconscious of the content of their subconscious.

To access cause of effects experienced requires willingness. There are many tools available that can aid this awakening process. Astrology is one. Our scribe teaches this well.

The blanket of amnesia that has blocked human consciousness awareness is currently lifting. For too many lifetimes you have existed with it covering your higher mind. The hope we offer you is the opportunity to access cause of dense psychological patterning. It is time for human souls to awaken to truth. Truth can be confronting, yet it leads to freedom.

As each individual awakens to the truth of their souls history and chooses to heal discordant energies, the collective mind also heals. The inner journey is the one that reveals truth. You will not find this outside yourselves. Freedom is the result. Surely this brings hope.

We leave you now. We are the Pleiadians and will come again”.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,