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Mid September 2020 Record Keepers

By September 13, 2020No Comments

“We begin.

The light of day follows the dark of night.
Currently, humanity is experiencing the dark of night. As has been prophesised, a New Dawn is on the horizon and the light of the Sun will be brighter than before.

This is a metaphor for your current state of being. Many of your values are being challenged.  What do you consider are your true values? We ask you to ponder upon this question.

For those self-isolating in locked hotel rooms with the only option of stale air, you will value fresh air, greater space, freedom of movement and the beauty of nature.

Will your re-evaluation continue?”


 “As winter draws to a close, and spring beckons, the light increases.  Days become longer.  A natural phenomenon yet symbolic, and is also a metaphor if you would only see it as so.

We will speak again of values.  In your modern world, instant gratification is now valued, and expected. The ‘take-away’ and ‘throw-away’ society is normal.  This practice will change, it cannot be sustained. The litter from this practice spreads into the oceans, and sea life perishes.

Water is a natural resource, but is it valued? Those who live on the land, and rely on it to survive, value it. The majority of city dwellers do not. In years of drought, crops cannot be grown and the food supply diminishes. Food is imported, yet under what conditions is the food grown?

Through necessity, a reassessment of values is taking place. A simpler way of life is imminent. Planet Earth could not sustain your disdain and disrespect. You are learning to value what she so freely gives to all.

That is all for now”.


“When the dark nights shorten and the greater light of day is experienced, your spirit also lightens. We offer teaching in metaphors because they provide well known word pictures.

COVID-19 began in the light of day, and descended into darkness. It is now beginning to lighten. How much value do you place on the light of day?

In countries where the dark nights are longer, there are often greater numbers of depressed people. You need the light and warmth of the Sun to survive. The greater the light you can handle, the healthier you will be. This is true for spiritual Light – the Light of higher consciousness.

As you develop self-realisations becoming self-aware, greater spiritual Light enters your inner space. It is as it is.

Those in the dark find it difficult to comprehend those in the Light. The rift between the two is widening. Most children, especially younger children, are being born carrying greater spiritual Light. They are your teachers of a lighter way of living life. They do not appreciate conflict, and will teach conciliation, cooperation, and caring. They enter life with a lighter and higher consciousness to that of the masses.  Their connection to Spirit is strong. Their role is to lead humanity into peace. Their sense of mission is strong, and most will maintain it throughout adulthood. They know their purpose of incarnation. They need peaceful environments surrounded by nature. We ask their parents to provide it.

More global changes are to come. We ask you to ride the waves of Light rather than becoming caught up in the propaganda of the dark. The Light is your life-saver.

That is all for now.”


As Earth entered a different area of space around the turn of the millennia, an acceleration of human consciousness began. Cosmic influences provided the fuel for this change. These influences are becoming stronger. Human adaption to these changes is needed.

Many will take their leave, being called to aid their fellow humans from another dimension.

There are many spiritual teachers assisting the evolution of human consciousness in the higher realms, and on Earth. You will gravitate to the ones with whom you feel a resonance. Discernment is needed.  Many false gurus abound. Use your feelings to discern the most appropriate teacher. They will be driven by the passion of their calling, rather than by monetary gain. They are the ones in service to the Great work, often referred to as the Divine Plan.

All of life has a beginning. Your life as a soul began when the earth was young. Created in an energetic likeness of Mother/Father God you have had countless lifetimes on earth, and other star systems. The memories of these experiences are stored in the akasha, and can be accessed through desire and dedication to the Light. The more filled with Light you become, the easier is their access. Our scribe remembers many of her lifetimes on and off planet earth. These remembrances have aided her journey.

Contained within some of these life times are psychological issues still unresolved. They continue to replay until realised and corrected. The corrections are known as inner work.  To remember and correct takes dedication and desire, and the willingness to unveil truth. When truth is realised, accepted and responsibility taken for it, Light fills the internal space where the darkness of ignorance formerly existed.

The darkness of ignorance is what binds you to the third dimensional plane.

We speak plainly to aid your consciousness evolution into greater Light. Self-remembrance, and self-realisation are the keys. This process is quickening. Ask for help and you will receive it. When realised, responsibility needs to be taken for creating the issue before correction can occur.

That is enough for now.”


“We begin,

Clarity of mind emerges when life is viewed from a higher perspective. When only one perspective is considered thoughts are limited. When viewing any object, for example a small pyramid, you will see only one portion of it unless you view it from above. It is only when viewed from above that you will see it in its entirely.

So much needless stress is created when life is viewed from only one ground-based perspective. There is always a higher one.  We ask you to find it. By so doing, you will be open to embrace greater light. Stress will vanish.  So Simple.

The wake-up call to self-realisation and correction of psychological imbalances can be challenging.  It comes in many forms such as illness, marriage break-downs, financial loss etc. The result is life changing. The more resistant to transformational change, the more challenging is the situation. It doesn’t have to be so. When higher perspectives are seen and lived, life flows without crises. To view life from a higher perspective requires dedication and practice.  We offer a metaphor.  Imagine your feet are caught in quicksand and you feel yourself sinking. To struggle is of no use.  Looking up, out and around the situation with a calm state of mind is of use. Support is always available. Living life from a sticky third dimensional perspective where mental limitations create quicksand, leads to struggle. Victim consciousness abounds.

Higher perspectives are always available. We ask you to find them.
That is all for now.”


“We begin,

In the fullness of time, when your world has changed and an energy of freshness has swept your planet clean, a different way of life will exist. You will experience peace within and without. Unity in diversity will be commonplace.  It may feel like a dream, a dream that came true.

The mission carried out by the Rainbow Warriors and the New Children will have been successful. A Camelot will be experienced.

It is foretold, and it will be.

That is all for now,


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,