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Mid September 2 2020 Record Keepers

By September 20, 2020No Comments

“We begin,

In order to know of the future, it is necessary to reframe the past. What do we mean?

To create a future where peace and harmony exist, any disharmonious past needs to be explored and seen for its truth. This applies to the individual as well as the collective.

In your midst, assisting your evolution into a peaceful future, are those from other star systems than your own. Millennia ago, they interfered in your evolution of consciousness and have interference karma to repay. They cannot move forward until this is done.

As it is for the collective, so it is for the individual. The immutable Universal Law of Attraction is always in effect. Whatever the energy we cause is the energy we attract that creates our future. Do we speak in riddles? We think not. Should you cause conflict and disharmony, you will attract like.

Should you cause joy, goodwill and loving kindness you will attract like.  Metaphors are needed to explain. Your thoughts, feelings and actions in the now moment determine your future. Simple, is it not?

Not so simple is to become aware of yourself creating in the present, and this is your current evolutionary developmental task. To pay close attention to your thoughts, because they create the reality you experience.

Developing a witness perspective to your every-moment thoughts requires intent and practice. Stagnation time is over. It Is as It is.

We will leave you now to ponder upon our words.”


“A new way of life is imminent, a more natural one. What once was, will be so again. Cosmic influences bring about change. Human thought creates the how. Misuses and abuses create the level of correction. When this natural process is realised, abuses will cease.

We ask you to ponder upon our words.”


“We begin:

Those who listen to, and integrate, our messages will become aware of the codes within them. Others not so. All Nature operates through a coded system. What do we mean?

Imagine you’re a flower about to bloom into the fullness of your beauty and scent. Prior to flowering there are certain processes that need to occur. Soil and weather conditions need to be right, and sufficient and appropriate space is necessary for the plant to grow. These conditions are needed to enable optimum flowering. It is the same for all of Nature.

Each species, whether plant, animal or human needs certain conditions in which to grow and flower into optimum expression. All flower beautifully when given love. Love is the code.  Do we speak in riddles? We think not.

All species are coded to thrive where love is present. The human species has the ability to self-generate the love vibration. It begins with intent. Having the intent to grow and thrive into full coded potential supplies the fuel for its manifestation. The purer is the intention, the greater is the flowering.  Purity of intention emerges through love. All humans need to create for themselves a strong psychological foundation before optimum flowering can occur. Self-awareness is needed.

As with plants, each human needs to create space for themselves on an area of land where they feel secure. Each human is coded with this knowing. Love is the key code.

We leave you to ponder upon our words.”


A message from the Arcturians, given in the early hours of this morning.

“Thank you for hearing our call.

We have come again to convey a message of hope and love. Your lives are to change again, and soon. As it was with the virus, so it will be with another influence.

For those who maintain a light vibration with love in your hearts, you will be unaffected. Ride these coming waves as you did with the virus. The changing circumstances are a result of the greater light beaming on to your planet. It is as It Is.

Some will need to make life corrections. Some may need to re-locate.

The waves of change are needed to accelerate humans into greater light.  Opportunities to do so will abound but will they be seen as such?

Evolution into higher consciousness is accelerating. Complacency cannot continue.

The Rainbow Warriors have been preparing for their task and their work is about to accelerate.

We love you dearly and will come again.
We are the Arcturians.”

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,