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A Crack in the Cosmic WindowTransmissions

Mid October 2022 – A Crack in the Cosmic Window

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“Love is Everything”

The Lesson is Love. Love is a leaf – it comes from a main source, which comes from our Creator. The leaf has a spark of the Creator in it, as does every living thing. The leaf has a life – it forms, grows, supplies shade and provides oxygen. When it is time, it passes on and goes back to the Earth from whence it came. Then renewal occurs and the process goes on again.

Love is like this: the spark of renewal – of love – is in everything. It permeates all living things. Love does make the world go around – literally. It is the essence that is the spark of life. The essence that begins the process and the essence that upholds the process, is the essence that transmutes the process.

Love transcends, love feeds off itself. Every living thing needs to have this love essence to survive and grow. The essence is felt within by the leaf, or the person. As the leaf feels the essence of love its grows, matures and fulfils its destiny. Where there is an absence of love from within that leaf it withers accordingly – so too, do humans.

We all need the essence of love within our own being in order for wholeness and fulfilment to be felt.

Love is the key to wellness.

Blessings be, Sai.


Love is Like our Creator’s Breath

Love is like the wind. It can blow gently, soothingly, refreshingly, or it can blow cold, hard and damaging – or it can create havoc with a whirlpool effect.

Stillness and calm inside of an individual creates a pleasing, gentle wind. Conflicting thoughts and disharmony within builds up strong currents that can cause harm. Feeling peaceful and at one with nature, our own internal nature, and nature that is around us, is the way to achieve that calm centre. A gentle wind is pleasing to all – a hurricane creates fear.

Love is like a wind. It can well up inside and gush out to others or we can release it constantly and gently every day; that way there is always a constant supply within.

Love is an essence to be nurtured. When we nurture ourselves and others with the essence equally, then the wind is a gentle nourishing breeze experienced by all we come into contact with. Love heals – a breeze heals.

Love is like the Creator’s breath. The wind is like our Creator’s breath. We can breathe our love out to others, as does our Creator, and this is the creative process.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,