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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid October 2020 The Record Keepers Transmissions

By October 13, 2020October 18th, 2020No Comments

“We begin,

“As humans raise their consciousness through self-realisations, their world changes. Their internal light reveals shadows. When shadows are seen and remedial action taken, the shadows dissipate. The internal light grows stronger. The internal spaces, once occupied by shadow psychology are now filled with light.

Consciousness is light. Christ consciousness, the Light of Christ, is available for all humans to claim.

Those who choose the spiritual growth path, and who have the courage and commitment to walk this path in their daily life, no matter what the circumstances, will be provided with opportunities to develop self-awareness through self-realisation of truth. Truth is relative to the beholder. The evolutionary way to higher consciousness requires a commitment to the spiritual path – a path that enables embodiment of God/Goddess/Christ consciousness.

Until it is realised that the Christ Light, or God Presence, is in every human cell, available to be accessed through choice, your world will continue its downward path.

Many are now taking the high road, and we in the Light realms rejoice.

Your technology and social media both hide and reveal. You, as a precious spark in the mind of God/Goddess, make choices as to the information pathway you take. No computer that exists, or will ever exist, can take the place of your own mind, programmed with the Light of God/Goddess consciousness. You are a spark of Light within the great mind hologram of God/Goddess consciousness. It is, and always will be.

Unconditional love is your birth-right. You make the choice to claim it, or not.

We leave you to ponder upon our words”.


“For human evolution into greater light to continue, certain parameters need to be in place. First, there needs to be the desire and willingness to free oneself from the karmic chains that bind. Second, the desire and willingness to receive and distribute the Creator’s love and light.

Without these two parameters, stagnation occurs. Those passionate about the desire to evolve and change are the leaders of the movement.

As it was two thousand years ago, when Yeshua and his beloved Mary Magdalen walked the earth, so it is now. This time, the archetypal divine feminine leads the masculine. For far too many astrological ages the masculine has taken precedence. The voice of the divine feminine is to lead. Peace is her agenda. Her wars have been internal. Her willingness to confront, and to heal past shadows, is her strength and power. This time, she will be listened to. Her days of being burned at the stake are over.

A change is soon approaching. Pay attention to the voice and wisdom of the feminine. Mary Magdalene is alive and well. It is so.

We leave you to ponder upon our words”.


“The voice of the divine feminine is not loud, nor self-promoting. It is love-filled and wise. Based on experiences involving hard lessons, this voice speaks plainly, through simple words, much like a caring and encouraging mother. This voice will touch your heart. You will feel its truth.

When will this voice emerge from behind the veil? When you are ready to listen.

Currently, many are still ‘sitting on the fence’, unsure about the side to walk. The side of love and joy, rather than struggle and pain is the answer. It takes courage to follow the path of love and joy. It is unclear and unknown. Do you have this courage?

A new world awaits those who do.”


“In times soon to come, as your world continues to change, different perspectives will emerge that will awaken many from their complacency. There is much to be revealed, and in a short time. Much is bubbling up to the surface of consciousness that may shock and create chaos. Truth can shock. Just as a realisation of truth can shock an individual, so it is with the collective. Our scribe has a message to convey that elaborates on an astrological perspective.

Many are suffering. When false news is delivered, the belief, like a virus, spreads.
For thousands of years you have been fed falsities, and have believed them. Like a computer, your brain has been programmed to operate in a certain way – a non-feeling way. Yet, you are human. You feel – emotions and sensations. They convey truth. Discernment is needed.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”

Blessings and love,
10th October 2020