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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid October 2 2020 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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“We begin,

In times to come, when fewer people live upon earth, seeming magical events will occur
regularly. A peaceful life, one filled with joy and the love of Nature will be normal. Manifestation of ideas will occur almost immediately. A new Camelot will be experienced and earth will again be visited by Star Beings.

A new civilisation will have birthed, arising from the ashes of the past. Humans will be filled with greater light and love of, and for, the Prime Creative Force. As it once was, so it will be again. Your curious minds will wonder how it could be so.

Earth is a training ground, a place where souls can accelerate their evolutionary purpose, which is to experience and share these experiences with the Unified Field – Mother/Father God. There have been many cycles of this training. These cosmic cycles are long, according to your earth years, millions of years long. These cycles are broken up into astrological Ages, each of approximately 2,600 years. You have recently moved into a new Age, the Age of Aquarius – the Age of Light and of separation, both a signature of Aquarius.

As humans consciously embody greater light, through awareness and experience of ever-present Divine Love, a separation, or rift occurs from those ignorant of this Love and Light. It Is as It Is.

The Great Plan for evolution of souls is based on frequencies of Light. These frequencies become light waves. Quantum physics is involved, as is Light geometries. It is a simple system designed by Supreme Intelligence. Human beings were given many abilities, most based on sensory perception. Divine Love and Light frequencies can be felt and experienced.  Human intellect was another ability given.

We leave you to ponder upon our words.”


“In times to come, when earth has cleared her density, humans will feel as if they’re playing in a magical wonderland. They will listen to the voice of Nature, respecting her manner of communication. Oneness will be experienced. As it once was, so it will be again. Species separation will not exist. Your original people, the Australian Aboriginals, once lived like this, some still do. This is the future that awaits.

How will this come about?” you might ask. The answer is: “When you desire it enough”.
When you become saturated with self-repeating dramas that create discord, and when you seek peace, you will find it. It will come from within when in Nature. Love always finds a way to beget love. Gratitude, generosity and appreciation of Nature’s beauty and bounty are off-shoots of Love.

You are the only one who can create your reality. When you decide to do so consciously, through intention, and attention to your inner and outer worlds knowing you create both, it will be so.

We speak plainly to enable comprehension.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


“We begin,

The transition earth is going through into another dimension is also being offered to humans. The third dimension (3D) is one of density, of heaviness, a place where karma, created over many life times of experience, can only be resolved through self-realisation and self-awareness. Humans conscious of this process and participating freely in it, are moving into greater light along with Gaia.

The transition is from the third dimension of experience to that of fifth dimensional experience, one where greater light and love prevails. In this dimension, creativity and manifestation of creative ideas flows in sequential order effortlessly. Take one step forward, and the next presents itself. A lightness of spirit prevails, joy and love of and for Creation is experienced.  To take a conscious step into this new world requires an inner journey to release limiting karmic issues and old vows made in previous life times. Many are taking this step, allowing the influence of their Higher Self (Spirit) and soul to guide them. In this fifth dimension, where finer light frequencies prevail, life is lived simply, attuned to natural cosmic cycles. Adults can feel like playful children living in a wonderland. It is an inner experience, attained when 3D dramas and re-plays of karmic cycles have ceased.

The inner journey is the only one to take to enable conscious evolution into greater light. Love is the main ingredient, love of Mother/Father God – Supreme Intelligence within and without.

Living life in love consciously and with intent, aware of the Universal Law of Karma (cause and effect) and the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) is the higher pathway. This pathway requires intention, attention and spiritual willingness. When the realisation occurs that only you create your reality, and only you can change it, the shift begins.

You are responsible for the life you have created by your thoughts, whether the thoughts are conscious or unconscious. Your soul’s agenda is to ascend. You can consciously work with this agenda, or not.

We leave you to ponder upon our words.”


“We begin,

For humans to manage the frequency changes in consciousness, anxiety and stress needs to be released. How can love frequencies ignite when a barrier of stress exists? This is why we recommend spending quiet time in nature. Nature is a relaxant.

Stress vanishes when it is realised that all exist within the great hologram of the One Life.

Toning sacred mantras or heart-felt sounds can also alleviate stress. What is the origin of stress? Usually it is fear. When the fear is seen, and the cause realised, the fear begins to release its hold, especially when it is consciously replaced by love.

There is One Life and, within the One Life are many aspects of being, each aspect experiencing according to their thoughts. You inhabit one body. Many aspects, or parts, exist within it.  So it is with Great Mystery, the One Supreme Intelligence. Each part of the whole is as important, and as necessary, as every other. When each part functions at optimum capacity, the whole – the hologram – functions the same. The optimum function for all parts is Love and Light – Love of, and for, Mother/Father God, and the Light of higher consciousness, which is the fire of Spirit.

We leave you now, to ponder upon our words.”


“In the higher world before you, pain will not exist. Pain only comes if unresolved psychological issues exist. Pain is simply a blockage in energy flow. Where no blockage exists, no pain is felt. Self-realisation of the blockage releases the pain. Appropriate connected action taken to ensure the blockage doesn’t occur again is needed. Often the action needed is self-forgiveness. The greater the sincerity of thought and feeling behind the action, the quicker the blockage dissipates.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”


“We begin,

This will be our final transmission in this series. We have enjoyed the process. We recommend you reflect upon our words from time to time. They will aid your journey to the Light. That is all for now.”

Blessings and Love,