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Mid November 3 2020 Arcturus Transmission

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“Thank you for hearing our call. We enjoyed creating the image and the sound”.

(The image was a clear side profile of my dog’s head and the sound was her sudden bark, both occurred just before sunrise, while I was still asleep.)

“From time immemorial, humans have lived on planet Earth. It was created for them to do so. From your long journey to Earth, you, as fledgling humans, gathered much information, visiting many star nations on your journey, and residing in some for periods of time. You developed and shared your experiences with your Creator.

Finally arriving on Earth, you chose to create a space of love surrounded by the beauty of Nature. In those most ancient of times planet Earth prepared for the species who chose to live upon her. All the necessities needed for humans to live and thrive were provided. Great was her excitement when you first arrived. She, like a nurturing mother, gave of her love and bounty so you could easily create a space of love for yourself and your families.

For millions of years you have lived upon her, changing your outer garments with each incarnation.

Why did you choose to take this journey?

The answer is quite simple.
You volunteered to do so in order to learn, through experience, all you could to fulfil your Creator’s desire to now the All.

We, the Arcturians, will continue our story of human evolution through our scribe.

We love you dearly, and will come again.”


“And it came to pass that, as humans were created in the likeness of God, they lived as joyful children. Nature was regarded with wonderment and joy. Discovery followed discovery. The Sun shone brightly, lightening their daily activities. The soft moonlight gave sufficient light to travel from their homes to discover other pristine areas of beauty and abundance.

They learned to eat the foods Nature provided, so their bodies were strong and supple. They gave little thought to food because it was so freely given. An abundance of pure water was always available to drink. Life was good.

Human thought was focused on the joy of discovery. Feelings were of love – love of life and love of beauty. Nature responded in kind. All human needs were met. Shelter was provided, as was food, water, clean fresh air and sunlight.

Prime Creator’s creations thrived. Humans developed in this space of love for millions of years. All children born were treated with reverence and wonderment. These co-creations were regarded highly, as miracles. Joy was forever present.

Exploring species from other seekers of the galaxy infrequently visited this garden of peace and also revelled in its all-embracing love.

As a pebble thrown into a still pond creates movement and change, so did visitations from foreign places bring ripples of change to life on Earth”.


“Thank you for hearing our call.  We in the higher realms of light have a different perspective to you on your 3D plane of existence. We exist in a finer frequency of light to that of Earth. Planet Earth is moving into a finer frequency of light providing the opportunity for souls upon her to do the same.

We observe many earth-bound souls taking this opportunity. Others continue sleeping. It takes conscious desire and effort to transition into higher frequencies of light. Many become immersed in the material world of form, becoming fascinated by the many distractions readily available. These distractions rule their lives, and are a sure signifier of resistance to Prime Creator’s Plan for human evolution.

Unprecedented times require greater alertness and conscious awareness. Throughout human history there have been many attempts by those of non-loving agendas to control life on Earth. Many have succeeded.

We observe, with love and compassion, humans succumbing to these controlling forces and do our best to maintain equilibrium. The forces of light and of dark have co-existed for millions of years. Times are different now, with Earth moving into an area of space where greater light prevails.

As a dog naturally shakes off negative influences, so too humans need to shake off, through conscious self-awareness, the many distractions that prevent ascension into greater light.

Can you not see these distractions so occupy your mind that you give your life force energy to them, rather than to the forces of light?

Energy follows thought.

We, the Arcturians, love and care for you and have your best interests at heart. We do our best to guide you along the path of light.  We will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,