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Mid November 2021 Pleiadian Transmissions

By November 21, 2021No Comments

“Good morning Ashtara,

Today’s message is one of hope. Humans have existed for millions of years. In the far distant past, you were more evolved than you are now. You also had different forms to what you have now. Your archaeologists continue to discover evidence of this. Some evidence is not released to the public.

Civilisations lasted for different time periods according to your measurement of time. Human forms have mutated and your genetic composition has also changed. Your entire history is stored in what we call libraries. These libraries are invisible yet each and every one of you has the information of your personal history stored within your cells. This history is accessible.

Many humans, those who have done inner healing work to part the veils of ignorance, are reclaiming much of their personal history. It is a work in progress.

Eventually, when a certain number of humans reclaim the light of truth that exists within, a lighter frequency will exist upon the planet. Love, rather than fear and judgement, will prevail. Each thought has a vibration. Each emotion has a vibration. Thoughts and emotions travel and have a vibrational effect of whatever they touch. Thoughts and emotions of fear attract what is feared. Thoughts and emotions of joy and love attract like.

You are like a radio station. You receive and transmit energy. We ask you to develop awareness of this concept and to only tune in and transmit thoughts and emotions based on loving kindness. This process is vital if you want to change your current external world.

Each of you can contribute to the global healing process if you choose to operate your life in love rather than fear.

We are here to inform. We broadcast our love in this way.

We are the Pleiadians and will come again.”




“We come again.

On your planet there are forces of light and of dark. It has always been. You could not see the light if there was no dark. Think of a dark room at night. You turn on a light switch and then there is light. It is the same with consciousness. The forces of dark want you to remain in that state because it is how you can be manipulated and controlled.

In this Age of Aquarius, you are to wake up and see the light. It is a natural evolutionary process and is accelerating. The dark cannot stop it. They can try, to no avail. It is your individual choice as to the timing.

You will have many wake-up calls. Illness is one.

We ask you to shine your light into the dark unconscious areas of your psyche to uncover your treasure of truth. It is there, like a precious gem, waiting for you to do so. We will support you in your inner exploration as will other light beings from their realms. Keep in mind as you do so that you are taking the inner journey nor only for yourself but for your family, the human collective and for Mother Earth. Your light vibration matters. Your love vibration matters. We support you in raising your vibration.

You are never alone.”

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,