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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid November 2020 Transmissions from The Record Keepers

By November 9, 2020No Comments

“We begin,

Many of the young people in your world today have little respect for the way in which the older generation are living, with so little regard to their environment. Far more awake and aware, they seek change.  Brought up with electronic technology, they expect life to manifest their needs without effort on their part. Old traditions that have meaning to their parents do not make sense to them. A new world is forming and archaic systems will change. What was once considered normal will cease to exist.

As technology reveals continual anomalies, these will be investigated with younger eyes. The conclusions made will revolutionise your current way of life. All existing systems will experience change.

In astrological terms, these changes will occur when transiting Pluto moves into Aquarius.  Our scribe has written an article on this.

Many of the changes will appear shocking, and most will cause separation. Only systems that have meaning will survive.

When systems break down, chaos reigns until the new is in place. Coded within the minds of children born in the new millennium, are meaningful ways to create and sustain a future built on different values. Superficiality will have little relevance in this new world. Authenticity will take its place.

We have spoken previously of change, now we provide details.

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Discoveries are revealing that confuse and confound. Children will be called upon to decipher meaning. Adult minds will be stretched, and may take time to comprehend the answers given.

Listen to the children. They will create a new and more harmonised world. Their memories of life behind the veil will come to the forefront of their minds and they will simplify the existing systems that survive.

We leave you to ponder upon our words”.


We begin,

We prepare you for what is to come. Many will take heed, others not so. It is as it is.

Throughout your current year many people have been unsettled, and allowed fear to rule their lives. Fear begets fear, contaminating all it touches. Love begets love and influences all it touches. Parents and teachers influence the children in their care with thoughts and emotions of fear, love, jealousy, possessiveness etc. The media does the same.

Nature influences with love. Plants, trees and flowers grow to aid humans live a healthy life. A simple fact.

Separation from the love of Nature, and from Prime Creator, is the source of all unrest and discord. Can you find a way to reconnect to the Source that loves you without condition?

Birds, with their many and varied songs, awaken nature and humans to the glory of each new day. The Sun shines its rays of warmth and light for all to embrace and experience. Life goes on. You choose how you experience each day by your thoughts. Are you aware of them?

Deep and permanent change arises within the collective psyche when it’s the cosmic timing for humans to awaken from the disease of amnesia. When there is resistance to this awakening, seeming chaos is experienced. Often a shaking-up is necessary. Your current year is continuing along these lines, confounding and confusing many.

Many have awakened. Others are still sleeping. Those awakening are experiencing realisations of the past thoughts and behaviours that created the problems they experienced, and are still experiencing. This realisation process will continue, and accelerate. Positive corrective action needs to be taken to completely resolve the core issues realised.

We leave you to ponder upon our words,


“We begin,

As more people awaken to, and accept the forces of Light, your world will change for the better. For far too long, the forces of dark have occupied the human mind to the detriment of the planet, and all humanity.

In all walks of life Light is taking hold. It is not time for rest. Vigilance is required, and mindfulness, to ensure Light reigns supreme.

Allow the children to shine their light brightly. Take heed of their wisdom. They do not have such a heavy veil of forgetfulness as do adults. Their minds compute differently, often faster than that of their parents.

Those adults who have done a great deal of inner work identifying and releasing their shadows paved the way for these new children.

Most of your governing systems need to change. The new rainbow children will be the facilitators for their collapse. Rest assured, great change is occurring. Even though the media continue to promote the dark and many live their lives in fear attempting to control their environment, the wave of Light cannot be stopped.

We ask you to focus your thoughts on all that is light and loving, secure in the knowledge that Light is the dominant force. You will lighten your world by so doing.

We leave you to ponder upon our words.”


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,