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Mid Nov 2022 Astrology News

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Joyful, Creative Expression

Where in the birth chart can we look to find the best way to create a joyful life, expressing ourselves according to our soul’s true nature? There are a few avenues but primarily it is where our Sun is positioned in our birth chart, by sign and house. The Sun symbolises our core self. The glyph for the Sun is a circle with a dot in the centre that can be seen as a symbol of the soul (the dot) existing within this physical reality. I like to extend this interpretation. The circle also can be viewed as the eternal Spirit over-lighting our soul’s unique individuality.

The position of the Sun in your birth chart is where you can shine your greatest light and be your true creatively expressive self, according to the affairs associated with the house, and the characteristics of the sign through which it expresses. For example: if your Sun is positioned in the 8th house of your birth chart you have the ability to shine and radiate your love and light through accessing deep and mysterious esoteric wisdom, revealing secrets that have been hidden for lifetimes and/or – shine you light through utilisation of collective money, talents, and resources; and/or demonstrate your essential self through transformation.You can also express you personal potential through deep emotional interactions and by illuminating blocked issues related to intimacy. This position can indicate a psychologist, psychotherapist, detective, financial adviser or evolutionary and/or esoteric astrologer.

Leo is the sign governed by the Sun. Those people with their Sun in Leo can shine by storytelling, conducting ceremonies, play-acting in live theatre, drama and by demonstrating essence by being loving, generous and good-hearted. They block their light by being egotistical, superior and arrogant.

Currently, the Sun is moving through the sign of Scorpio, so what I’ve written above about the Sun in the 8th house is applicable to readers with their Sun is Scorpio. Why? Because the 8th house is related to Scorpio.
In the western astrological wheel, the fifth house is the area of life where our creative expression can also be ascertained. Any planets in that house symbolise the ways we express ourselves and the kind of recreation we enjoy.

For example, if Saturn is there, we will express ourselves through a lens of duty, responsibility, and accountability and/or through limitation and fear until we become conscious of the weakening cause, and heal it. Our light can be blocked until we claim personal sovereignty.

Why the shadow blockage? There may be fear about accessing our unique creative expression because of some past life or early childhood experience whereby an authority figure, such as a teacher, embarrassed us in front of the class. We felt humiliated and were rejected by our class mates. We don’t want to feel humiliation and rejection again, so we limit our lives accordingly.

It’s our responsibility to self-realise and grow beyond old limitation so we can embody greater light and actualise our creative potential. Often, where Saturn is placed in a birth chart, is where there is ancient karma to access, work through and harmonise. For example, you could have been regarded as an authority in a past life creative endeavour and, enjoying the limelight, didn’t see the need for due diligence. Whoops! Arrogance! The Law of Karma is always active. The karmic scales need to be balanced.When harmonised, the previous skill re-emerges and, when re-learned and re-claimed, can be shared, benefitting many people. You will feel great joy when sharing your talent.

Today, 20 November, the Moon is moving through the sign of Libra. Libra expresses potential through diplomacy and creating beauty; can illuminate in a graceful and charming way and enjoys creating harmony and balance, often through interior decorating or beautiful artistry. Libra feels alive and radiant in cooperative endeavours. When unconsciously or consciously blocking the light, indecisiveness, dependency and vanity come out to play. What follows is an example of personal joyful creative expression.

About a year ago I received the message to write another book. I would need an illustrator. When the illustrator revealed, the book would begin. I imagined the illustrator to be an emerging young female artist. I temporarily forgot about the message. Life happened and I moved location.

Last week I invited a dear long-term friend to travel to my home and stay in my flat for three nights. About three years ago her house had burned down in an horrific bush fire and she was still in trauma. I also invited a new local friend to meet Joss, feeling it was important the two of them meet.

Joss and I went on long early morning walks exploring Maleny with Pippin, my dog. We had a great time, laughing a lot. My new friend visited for a few hours on the second day. The two of them got on so well as if they had known each other in a previous time. It was a magical few hours of deep soul connection between the three of us. We realised we had walked together in a previous life as gnostic Essenes. I showed our new friend my copy of Joss’s unique creative expression. She was mesmerised, saying it needed to be shared globally.

On the morning Joss was to leave, she noticed a book in my library that interested her. I had only recently purchased it. I told her what I knew about it and why I had purchased it. She was intensely interested and wanted to read it. I said she could take it with her and return it when next visiting. She placed the book on her heart. It meant a great deal to her. A little while later, through more chit chat about the book, a big insight washed over my mind! I connected the dots! When I expressed my intuitive insight we both felt goosebumps all over our bodies and our hearts felt warm. We knew I expressed truth.

She is to be my illustrator. Her creative expression is through a Sagittarius, Libra and Leo lens. Years ago, on walk-about exploring Australia’s red centre with only a back-pack, she received, and drew with coloured pencils, a series of symbolic illustrations, much like mandalas. I felt the drawings were important and encouraged her to share them.

When the realisation of our work together anchored in our bodies and hearts we laughed with excitement.Brilliant ideas burst forth from our minds. My friend said we were three wise mothers beginning a new adventure. She included Pippin. The book will be written by a great grandmother, illustrated by a great grandmother and great-grandmother Pippin will hold the space and be the vehicle through which much of our inspiration comes. She will have her say in the book. It will be fabulous and we’ll have so much fun creating it. It’s so exciting.

After Joss left and I was reflecting on the magic, I received the first paragraph of the book. Short – dynamic and challenging! This is not an ordinary book. I felt its power and truth. Be prepared for massive formerly secret revelations. It will require courage to share them.

Today, transiting Mercury is in Sagittarius. Two days ago, when it entered Sagittarius I was inwardly guided to begin writing my new book. Venus had entered Sagittarius the day before. A creative book, based on ancient feminine wisdom, is to emerge. Retrograde Mars moving through Gemini will bring up the soul memories needed for the content and, as retrograde Jupiter is in Pisces, it will be a spiritual and artistic book. I’ve created an event chart based on the realisation time. It’s an amazingly designed cosmic ‘cook-up’!

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,