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Mid Nov 2022 – A Crack in the Cosmic Window

By November 21, 2022No Comments

Excerpt from my 1998 book – A Crack in the Cosmic Window

A Magical World Awaits

“We wish to convey greetings to humans from the higher dimensions. We watch your progress of evolution with much interest and marvel at the choices you make.

This channel will bring many words of wisdom to all who choose to hear. We, and many others, who have your best interests at heart are guiding her.

We love you all dearly as if you were our children. We understand when you move off the path of love. We know that at some time in your so-called future you will find your way back to that higher vibration.

Jesus was a great teacher. He was sent by the beings from the higher dimensions of love and light to bring humans the much needed opening – the key – to living on Earth in a state of higher vibration – the vibration of love.

When one lives perpetually in this state there is no fear, no sense of lack, of limitation. One is centred, calm, peaceful, allowing and loving. This energy then permeates all within its sphere of influence.

We in the higher and finer realms do not have fear or limitation. We know ourselves to be completely limitless, completely expansive and creative and can create whatever it is we think we can. We need only think it, and with feelings of love as we think, it manifests for us. This is your potential when you choose to clear your darkness, your negative self-sabotaging patterns of thought and behaviour.

A magical world await all who choose this way.

It may appear difficult at first to accept total responsibility for what one creates in one’s world. However, this is the first step that needs to be taken before the light of understanding and self-knowledge can occur. Once one is able to do this completely, then doors of perception open and more light, in the form of consciousness, streams in.

This is the dawning of the new Age of higher consciousness – the Age of Aquarius.

When one’s perceptions change, especially about how one has thought, acted and felt in the past, then one can be objective and detached about one ’s own ‘games’. A space is created, energetically, for light and love to enter. A vacuum needs to be created before new energy can enter.

All beings have the opportunity to live in peace and harmony. It is a personal choice. This doesn’t mean giving away one’s own precious life force energy to another who may appear stronger. No! It means consciously dealing with, and clearing out, all thoughts and feelings that are non-loving. This non-loving energy can take the form of thoughts of criticism and judgement, thoughts of lust, revenge, hatred, greed, jealousy; feelings of aggression, domination and possession. There are many more. All beings have darkness. It needs to be consciously understood and accepted and then, in order to transmute it into light, to become self-aware of one’s own thoughts and feeling patterns.

Once self-aware, action then needs to be taken to transmute this energy into light and love. Self-awareness leads to higher consciousness. Higher consciousness leads to the path of wider and broader perspectives and the ability to create beauty, peace and harmony in one’s life.

We offer these tools to you with our love. What you do with them is your choice. You have free will to think and act as you choose.

We honour, love, respect and accept your choices.

-So be it. Beings of Light

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,